Rum Ron Barcelo, Anejo, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Ron Barcelo, Anejo, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Rum sparkling, transparent color of dark gold.


Rich, sweet taste of rum opens muted floral notes, which become in fruit tones, complemented by a nutty, caramel, vanilla and spicy undertones. Dry aftertaste presents hints of skin, creamy chocolate and spices.


Spicy aroma of rum mixed with the dry hints of roasted oak, nuts, caramel and toffee.


Rum recommended to drink water, juices, ice or in the various cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Rum Ron Barcelo, Anejo is a blend of rums aged in American oak barrels of bourbon a different amount of time (generally up to 4 years). The sweet taste of rum has a strong "oak" rod which gathers vegetable and marine notes.

Producer's description

Ron Barcelo Company was founded in 1929 in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), two brothers - Spaniards Andre and Juan Barceló. Local conditions for growing sugarcane and producing excellent quality of his magnificent rum, famous around the world. Beginning with the release of small parties, the brothers managed to achieve great results and become a leader of the Dominican market. The future prosperity of the company Barcelo prevented a strong hurricane, razed the factory. Andre left the Barcelo Santo Domingo and did not engage in the restoration of the plant, unlike Juan, who by extreme efforts, the company has recreated and brought him to an even higher level.
In 1980 the company decided to expand Barcelo markets, and in the 1990s became known around the world, thanks to a successful advertising campaign and the excellent quality of its drinks. In Europe and America rum "Barcelo" sold with the slogan "It is a dark object of desire", as these markets are accustomed to white rum, dark rum has been a novelty. The most popular rums "Barcelo" were in Spain, which is not surprising, thinking about the origin of the company's founders. In 2000 the company merged with the Association of Spanish traders of alcoholic beverages and the establishment of the company Barcelo International, which is engaged in an active expansion of sales markets. Today the products of "Ron Barcelo" sold in more than 50 countries.


In the manufacture of Roma masters of Ron Barcelo trying to skillfully combine many years of experience and tradition with the latest technological advances. For the treatment and distillation selected the best sugar cane Dominican Republic. Exposure of Roma carried out in old American oak barrels of bourbon. The unique climatic conditions favor a more rapid maturation of the Roma and, according to the company Barcelo, "God himself has helped them to create here a little rum paradise."


  • Strength:: 37.5%
  • Color : Dark
  • Made from: Сane Juice
  • Cask type: White American Oak Casks, Bourbon Casks
  • Flavor: Spicy
  • Body: Middle Boiled
  • Exposure: 4 years
  • Website:
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