Riedel, "Vitis" Pinot Noir, set of 2 glasses, 770 ml

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Interesting Facts

The range of crystal glasses "Vitis" represented the highest crystal glasses in the collection of Riedel. Due to the special blown technology, the manufacturer has created an exquisite wine glasses on a high leg seamless, with a special architecture design - the indentation at the bottom of the bowl, reflecting the light and adds a new dimension vivid color wine. Glasses "Vitis" are intended for wines from different grape varieties, each of which has its own unique character and features. They determine the shape, size and diameter of the rim of the bowl.

"Vitis" Pinot Noir - a set of two crystal glasses recommended for red wines from Pinot Noir and such varieties as Blauburgunder, Gamay, Nebbiolo, and wine class Cuvée Prestige. The height of the glass is 260 mm.

The Austrian company Riedel dynasty belongs Riedel, who is now 3 centuries engaged in glass manufacturing business. Over 10 generations of glassblowers follow family traditions. History of Riedel began in 1678 in Bohemia, the founder of the dynasty - Johann Christoph Riedel. In 1756, his grandson, Johann Leopold, opened the first glass factory. However, only in 1890 were presented to the world the first goblets handmade brand Riedel. Since that time the company has achieved considerable success and constantly increasing production. Each heir Riedel increasingly strengthens the brand and improving production technology.

However, not all the company's history was cloudless. In 1945, all the companies that were in the territory of Czechoslovakia, were nationalized. Thus, Walter Riedel in an instant lost everything, was arrested and sent to a camp in Siberia. Revived the family business by his son - Klaus, abandoned by fate to Austria. He purchased a ruined factory near the city of Innsbruck, which today is called "The Riedel Glassworks". It Claus Riedel revolutionized the glass case, proving the dependence of the bouquet and taste of wine on the characteristics of a glass.

Today the company operates Georg Riedel - the tenth member of the family. He continued the work of their ancestors, creating crystal glasses, which correspond to the different varieties of grapes. Due to the mechanization of production managed to reduce the cost of production Riedel, making it more accessible to buyers. Today the products of "Empire" Riedel is represented in almost all corners of the globe. It is appreciated for high quality, stylish design and the exquisite bouquet of wine, which is revealed through the glasses of the company.


In our store you can buy glasses and decanters Riedel, "Vitis" Pinot Noir, set of 2 glasses, 770 ml, price Riedel, "Vitis" Pinot Noir, set of 2 glasses, 770 ml — 7 940 rub.. Producer glasses and decanters Riedel. Delivery Riedel, "Vitis" Pinot Noir, set of 2 glasses, 770 ml.