Cognac Raymond Ragnaud, "Tres Vieille", in crystal decanter, gift box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Raymond Ragnaud, "Tres Vieille", in crystal decanter, gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Elegant cognac brown with copper highlights.


Powerful, but at the same time soft, velvety and sensual taste marked nuances expensive cigar tobacco.


Well-defined, gentle, floral fragrance complement subtle notes of rancio, candied fruit, spices and musk.


Being an excellent digestif, cognac goes well with cigars and freshly strong coffee.

Interesting Facts

Gorgeous exquisite cognac "Tres Vieille" created for true connoisseurs of the drink. It is produced from alcohols, distilled in 1952, during the life of Raymond Rano. Cognac has a natural fortress and has no extraneous additives.

The history of cognac house Rano begins with 1860, when the family by purchasing a small vineyard in the area Grande Champagne, settled in the province famous Cognac and started producing noble drink, traditional for the region. Preserved documents it is known that in 1920 Paul Rano extended family ownership, buying Chateau Ambleville, Charente, which 21 years later inherited by his sons - Raymond and Marcel. As a result, in the same section 1941 Raymond Ragnaud took over the company, which was named after him, and a little later the younger brother opened his own production under the brand name "Marcel Ragnaud", now known as "Ragnaud- Sabourin". Raymond Rano company already was widely known for its fine cognac, made of rare spirits of long-term exposure. In 1963, the couple Rano purchased several vineyards in Lignieres-Sonneville and Criteuil. After the death of Raymond family cognac business led his daughter Francoise, which is owned almost 48 hectares of the best vineyards of Grande Champagne. 3 hectares of vines grow very fastidious, but incredibly fragrant varieties Folle Blanche and the rest of the area is given over to the cultivation of grapes Ugni Blanc. Francoise Rano-Brik personally controls all stages of the production of cognac, starting with the work carried out in the vineyards. Especially it is strictly controlled by the distillation process, which is done using two copper alambikov. According to the requirements set yet Paul Rano after primary distillation fortress liquid should be 24-32%, and then repeat - it is 70%, which in this region is rather high. In the first stage extracts alcohols used new barrels of Limousin oak, and the second stage takes place in the previously used "red" barrels. This alternation of the container enables to provide the perfect balance of wood tannins and fruit and flower tones typical of cognac Grande Champagne. Francoise no secret that one of the components of the company's success is the use of Raymond Ragnaud alcohols produced during the life of her grandfather. Currently, Raymond House Rano produces a wide range of brandies of different categories, both in traditional bottles and decanters in fine glass and crystal. Today excellent quality beverages can appreciate the true inhabitants of many countries in the world where it is delivered almost 75% of the products manufactured by the company. French cognac brand Raymond Ragnaud can be found in the wine lists of the best restaurants in the country and the most expensive stores.


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