Beer "Radeberger" Pilsner, in can, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Radeberger" Pilsner, in can, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer pure gold color with bright white froth.


Refreshing taste of beer, beverage, clean, well-balanced. Starting with sweet malt notes, taste gradually evolving towards a spicy hop bitterness bright fruit notes and shades. In the aftertaste is dominated by shades of herbs, citrus and light smokiness.


Sweetish aroma of beer combines malt notes and herbal nuances of hops.


Beer can be used as an aperitif, with Japanese and German cuisine, cheeses, meat, poultry and fish.

Interesting Facts

"Radeberger" Pilsner - famous German beer premium brewed since 1872. This beer was a drink Saxon King Frederick Augustus III and Otto von Bismarck. Today, for your exceptional taste beer regularly ranked in the top ten of German beers. Its balanced flavor to harmonize the recipe bitter and aromatic hops.

Located near Dresden Radeberger brewery dates back to 1872. The rate of development and popularity of the product speaks eloquently of the fact that already in 1905 the brewery was granted the status of court supplier Saxon king. Of all time, regardless of the time and the rulers, a brewery does not lose its high status. Despite the fact that in the years of the GDR brewery was controlled by the government, Pilsener "Radeberger" remained a revered brand at home and abroad was considered an important export product. Modernization and expansion of production after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990 has increased the sales of beer in five times.

Today "Radeberger" - not just beer, but national brand, which is present in all bars, upscale hotels, on board the aircraft, and even at the Dresden opera. Radeberger brewery was and still is the first plant in Germany to produce its beer exclusively in the style Pilsner.


In our store you can buy beer "Radeberger" Pilsner, in can, 0.5 L, price "Radeberger" Pilsner, in can, 0.5 L — 255 rub.. Producer beer Radeberger Gruppe. Delivery "Radeberger" Pilsner, in can, 0.5 L.