Whisky Port Dundas 38 Years Old, "Rare Auld", 1973, gift box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Port Dundas 38 Years Old, "Rare Auld", 1973, gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Amber whiskey.


Juicy taste of whiskey filled with tones of cherries and cherry liqueur, almonds, bananas, rum, butterscotch. The finish is dense, sweet, with hints of raspberry, caramel and vanilla ice cream.


In the sweet aroma of whiskey distinguishable notes of violets night, raisins, tomatoes, orange.


Whiskey is the perfect digestif, combined with a cigar and coffee.

Interesting Facts

Port Dundas 38 Years Old is a collection of old vintage whiskey "Rare Auld", issued by Duncan Taylor. The collection consists of single malt Scotch whiskeys and odnozernovyh the highest quality, made in the most famous areas - Speyside, Islay, Highland, Campbeltown and others. Collection bottle packed in gift boxes with depending on the region of origin of the color code: Speyside - green, Islay - dark blue, Highland - Purple Islands - light blue, Campbeltown - Brown, Scottish Lowlands - red.
Whiskey is bottled from a single cask without any filtration or coloring. Each bottle of this collection is an individual - with detailed information about the plant and the region of origin, the date of distillation, the number of barrels and individually numbered bottles.

Grain whiskey Port Dundas 38 Years Old distilled in January 1973, aged in barrels under the number 128 320 for 38 years and was bottled in April 2011. In all there were 187 bottles. Whiskey cask of sherry.

Port Dundas - area in Glasgow, pool three channels - Moklands, Fort and Kline. After opening the channels in the 1770s, the area has developed rapidly into an industrial complex with a wide range of industries and businesses, including three distilleries named Port Dundas. The first was created in 1811, the second - in 1813, the third there was a short period in the late 1830s. In 1877, the first two distilleries were merged into one, to 1886 worked at the factory, two ovens and five malt grain, thirty-five fermentation tanks, three and five Coffey distillation cubes. The winery has become one of the largest factories in the world. But in 1903, the plant was heavily damaged by fire, a complete reconstruction was completed only in 1966. By that time, many of the buildings were dismantled winery. In 2010, she was finally closed and demolished.
In our store you can buy whisky Port Dundas 38 Years Old, "Rare Auld", 1973, gift box, 0.7 L, price Port Dundas 38 Years Old, "Rare Auld", 1973, gift box, 0.7 L — 11 021 rub.. Producer whisky Duncan Taylor and Co. Delivery Port Dundas 38 Years Old, "Rare Auld", 1973, gift box, 0.7 L.