Liqueur "Polar" Pear, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Polar" Pear, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Liquor bright emerald color.


Has a pleasant taste of liquor enveloping texture, tone, juicy pear and citrus.


Fragrance liquor differs delicate fruity flavor.


Liqueur served chilled with ice in cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Polar" Pear - unusual based liqueur pear puree (40%), lemon juice and crystal clear vodka. Liquor has a distinct flavor of ripe pear with a slight citrus hue and subtle fruity aroma. Serve chilled with ice.

Brand "Polar" is the German market segment "Limes" - fresh fruit puree diluted crystal clear vodka and lemon juice. Today in the line includes three types of liquor: "Polar" Strawberry (Strawberry), "Polar" Passionfruit (passion fruit) and "Polar" Pear (pear). Liqueurs are ideal chilled, with the addition of ice cubes and champagne. Liquors "Polar" is used to create complex cocktails.

Berentzen Group
- one of Germany's leading producers and distributors of alcoholic beverages. The history of the company has more than two centuries, over the years the group managed to gain a foothold on the position of the producer of quality alcoholic and soft drinks.
Company IB Berentzen, named after the founder of Johann Bernard Berentzena, was established in 1758. Over time, the company joined the distillery Wolff, Pabst and Richarz, descendants of the owners of which are shareholders of Berentzen Group is now. Today, the joint-stock company has a wide network of representative offices in Germany and abroad. So, Berentzen Group has branches in the Benelux countries, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia and America.
Trade Policy Group aims to spread the most successful German (primarily production Berentzen) and foreign brands, such as, Hine, Bunnahabhain, Vecchia Romagna, Tobermory, Angostura, Black Bottle, Amaro Montenegro, Pusser's, Lufthansa Cocktail, Puschkin Vodka, Bommerlunder and Doornkaat. In addition, the company has a permanent license to trade in such brands as Pepsi, Licor 43 and Linie Aquavit.


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