Wine "Poggio Ai Santi" Grecanico Dry, Sicilia IGP

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Reviews of purchase "Poggio Ai Santi" Grecanico Dry, Sicilia IGP

Tasting Notes


The color of the wine light yellow with a greenish tinge.


The taste of the wine is soft, enveloping, filled with notes of apples and citrus fruits. He completed a refreshing, fruity aftertaste.


Elegant aroma of the wine is filled with notes of fresh fruit and delicate citrus nuances.


The wine matches perfectly with seafood, pasta with sardines and tomato sauce, fried chicken, young cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Dry white wine "Poggio Ai Santi" Grecanico, Sicilia IGP is made from the same grade. Grekaniko - a very popular brand in the eastern and northern regions of Sicily. It is used for the manufacture of a quiet and sparkling wines, and for good reason, in fact it gives wine a fresh flavor with light citrus notes. Wine is perfect for everyday use with a variety of dishes: seafood, pasta, fried chicken, young and blue cheeses.

Producer's description

Tinazzi - a family business with a long history. At the beginning of 60 years of XX century, the ambitious Italian Eugenio Tinatstsi, launched its small production in the municipality of Cavaion Veronese. By investing in the business of his life all his passion, Eugenio has achieved excellent results - from a tiny winery company has developed into a full-fledged player alcoholic Italian market.

Now the company's vineyards are located not only on the shores of Lake Garda, but also in the south of Italy, Apulia region in perspective. 12 hectares of vineyards intended for the cultivation of such well-known varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio. In addition, here in the warm eastern shores of Garda oenologists wine home grown traditional crops Veneto - Korvinone varieties, Corvina and Rondinella. In Puglia, where the other plantation Tinatstsi, grows the famous Salento.

An important advantage of Casa Vitivinicola Tinazzi a strict control at all stages. The famous Italian wine-grower, Giuseppe Gallo, and his subordinates control all production processes, starting with the bookmarks fertilizers and ending with an analysis of mature grapes. Fermentation of wine materials is carried out in tanks set up on a special project of the steel 316. Each tank is equipped with modern programmable temperature sensor that allows a perfect accuracy to track every stage of winemaking.


In our store you can buy wine "Poggio Ai Santi" Grecanico Dry, Sicilia IGP, price "Poggio Ai Santi" Grecanico Dry, Sicilia IGP — 380 rub.. Producer wine Tinazzi. Delivery "Poggio Ai Santi" Grecanico Dry, Sicilia IGP.