Cognac "Pierre Vallet" XO, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Cognac rich amber color.


Cognac shows rounded, heady taste with notes of prunes and dried fruits, with velvety texture and a warming finish.


The aroma of brandy - a delightful symphony, woven from notes of vanilla, dried flowers, rancio and flax.


Cognac is recommended to use in its pure form as a digestif. Brandy also in harmony with the cigar.

Interesting Facts

"Pierre Vallet" XO - luxury cognac, brandy made ​​from the distillate of all ages. Excerpt brandy was carried out for 30 years in oak barrels. Cognac "Pierre Valle" XO has a magical aroma with notes of dried flowers, vanilla, rancio and flax seed, it goes well with a cigar and is an excellent digestif.

Michel and Catherine Valle offered Laurent and Elodie Valle create their own brand. With a decade of experience, Laurent has found the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. So there cognacs Pierre Vallet, named after his great-grandfather, the founder of the company. Valle family wanted to show their appreciation for the work of the great-grandfather and recovery efforts after the phylloxera vineyard.

Company Chateau de Montifaud, existing on the market of alcohol since 1837, belongs to the family of Valle, whose members for six generations involved in the creation of excellent spirits. All products are made in the territory of the family castle, in strict accordance with the secret recipe and a long tradition. In the cellars of the estate kept the bottle end of the XIX century, distilled by the founder of the house - Pierre Valle. This allows the Chateau de Montifo create a truly unique, exclusive and unrivaled products.

Vineyards companies now occupy about 90 hectares. They are located in the most prestigious wine regions of France - Champagne and Petite Champagne Grand Prix, in soils containing large amounts of Campanian chalk. It is believed that it gives the drink from these regions special finesse and sophistication.
All products Chateau Montifaud made ​​only from its own raw materials. The main grape varieties used in the production are Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard. In the year of the Chateau de Montifo produces not more than 350 thousand bottles of cognac, which makes the drink special, quite rare and elite.


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