Wine Patrocinio, "Sancho Garcеs" Reserva, Rioja DOC

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Reviews of purchase Patrocinio, "Sancho Garcеs" Reserva, Rioja DOC

Tasting Notes


Wine crystal clear cherry-red color with light garnet.


The taste of the wine is soft, but with character. Notes of spices, leather and tobacco are complemented by intense tones of red and black fruit and persistent tannins that give the wine the ability to improve their taste over the years.


The aroma of wine shows a bouquet characteristic of the wine aged in American oak barrels, where smoky notes complement the balsamic and spicy nuances.


The wine is a good accompaniment of traditional Spanish dishes, spicy meat dishes, stews, roasts, game and meat from the grill.

Interesting Facts

Wine "Sancho Garces" Reserva is made ​​in the classic style of the Rioja region and in full accordance with the traditional recipe. Tempranillo grape varieties are harvested from vines planted on the plateaus and hills at an altitude of 550-590 meters above sea level. Lime-clay soil vineyards, thanks to the high content of calcium, grapes endow bright color and concentrated flavor. The presence of clay allows to accumulate moisture in the soil, which saves the vines during dry periods. Harvest berries are collected by achieving the optimal level of acidity gives the wine a great aging potential. Winemaking takes place at a controlled temperature to extract from the berries of a beautiful color and pleasant tannins that are the distinctive characteristics of wine. The aging of wine "Sancho Garces' Reserva lasts 36 months and includes a holding period in American oak barrels (at least 18 months) and bottled. Long exposure softens the taste of wine and makes it more harmonious.

Brand "Sancho Garces" got its name from a medieval king in possession of the lands of the Rioja region and, in particular, the settlement Urunuela, where the cooperative Patrocinio today. Sancho Garces name on the label - a tribute of respect to the monarch, who actively contributed to the development of the pilgrimage movement along the famous Camino de Santiago route. During his reign it was built public hospitals and free accommodation for pilgrims coming to the tomb of the Apostle James. The news about the hospitality of the Spanish people and great wines are spread throughout the world. Today, the wine brand "Sancho Garces" reflect the special nature of the Rioja region and are manufactured using traditional methods, making them instantly recognizable from the first sip.

Producer's description

The cooperative is often a necessity for many small wine producers in rural areas who are unable to survive alone. That's collective spirit and cohesion can have a huge impact on the entire industry. So, Patrocinio society is of great importance for the inhabitants of a small Spanish settlement Urunuela whose population is only 967 inhabitants. Located in the heart of the famous wine region of Rioja Alta, the cooperative since 1985 brings together more than 200 small farms, which, thanks to the coordinated joint action, could adequately represent their products at the national, and then international markets.

Actively promoting their drinks, winery Patrochinio now reached the point where one of the four sold in Europe, the Spanish wine bottles released under the name of the cooperative. This was made possible thanks to the successful policy of rapid response to changes in demand and to meet the new needs of customers. Generous investment in innovation and research allow the cooperative to develop to meet modern high quality standards and keep pace with the times. Of paramount importance for all the cooperative farms are environmental issues and respect for natural resources.


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