Pallini, Limoncello, gift box with 2 ceramic cups


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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of liquor "Limoncello" and 2 ceramic cup
The volume of the bottle: 750 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: green

Limoncello - A classic Italian liqueur, infused with lemon peel and lemon. In Italy it is drunk very interesting way - from the high, small, well-chilled drinks. Gift set consisting of bottles of liquor and two small ceramic cups, is a perfect gift for dear person.

Pallini, Limoncello - a bright, expressive liqueur with a delicious taste, which blends the sweetness, tartness and freshness, and rich aroma with characteristic lemon tones.

Producer's description

In 1851 in Civitella del Tronto in a modest family of farmers was born Nicola Pallini. At age 15 he began working as a mobile merchant markets Marche and Abruzzo, specializing in the sale of tissues and chestnuts. Through perseverance and determination, Nicola 20 years becomes a rich merchant. He moved to the small town of Antrodoco, located on the border of Lazio and Abruzzo, which, however, is associated with the railway tracks in central Italy, which will allow Mr. Pallini expand their trade. In 1875, Nicola, having an enviable social status and economic stability, marry Concetta Egidi. On one of the celebrations, Nicola gave guests lemon liqueur made his wife. Some of the guests jokingly said: "You have so many delicious limoncello, you could put it on sale, but I'm afraid that after I have nothing left." Nicola Pallini seriously thinking about selling lemon liqueur, because, really, this liqueur liked everyone. Thus began the history of the company "Antica Casa Pallini". After some time, the family business sons joined Pallini. In 1922, Virgilio Pallini decides to move the business into the heart of Italy - Rome. For many decades, the company has grown and developed, and Pallini logo has become a symbol of high quality and professionalism in the world liquors.
In 2010, to mark the 135th anniversary of the company, the fifth generation of the family Pallini releases a new product - Sambuca 313. Since 2014 the company resumed production of various syrups.
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