Juice "Pago" Cherry, 200 ml

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Reviews of purchase "Pago" Cherry, 200 ml

Tasting Notes


Nectar dark red with cherry tints.


Balanced, full of flavor nectar revealed sweetish tones, followed by mild wave of sour cherry nuances Amar.


The aroma is full of nectar tones of cherry, almond and marzipan.


Nectar is good in pure form and as a component of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Pago" Sherry - a natural nectar with pleasant tones of cherry in full, balanced, interesting taste. To date, displayed a huge number of varieties of this fruit, a variety of external and taste characteristics. For the production of its nectar company "Pago" chose cherry varieties Amaro with a characteristic sour taste.
According to legend, the cherry was brought from distant Asia to Europe and the Roman general Lucullus notorious foodie for 70 years before the Christian era. Popular cherry and nowadays, is widely being used in the confectionery sector, as a raw material to create a beverage or just as fresh fruit. Surprisingly, it has even aesthetic function - when the gardens are blooming Japanese cherry - sakura in this country rushes huge number of tourists from different corners of the world that would like to see the wonder of nature.

Nectar "Pago" Sherry way to cheer up and improve your performance by providing a portion of the body of minerals. Nectar is a low-calorie - 55 calories per 100 grams of product.

Company History "Pago" begins back in 1888. Its founders - Jakob and Franz Pagits - were inspired by the idea of ​​creating a product that is fully consistent phrase "liquid fruit in a bottle." In 1949 the company name was born - it was composed of the first three letters of the surname Pagitz, to which is added the first letter of the word "obst", which translated from German means "fruit." In the late 80-ies of XX century, 60% of the shares "Pago" became the property of BBAG (Brau-Beteiligungs AG). Thus, the company became part of the "Heineken International". In 1989 he opened the first branch of the company, located in Italy. This event was followed by the opening of business in France, Croatia and beyond, throughout Europe.
To date, "Pago" - is a company holds a strong position in a niche creating juices at the international level. Collection produced juices and nectars consists of 37 different taste and aroma products, united by one characteristic - the highest quality.

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