Water "Ostromecko" Sparkling, Glass, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "Ostromecko" Sparkling, Glass, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


The water is crystal clear color.


Fresh water has a pleasant taste with light mineral notes.


The aroma of fresh water, clean.


Water is good as a thirst quenching drink as a meal accompaniment, to maintain the body in good shape, as a component of the diet for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Interesting Facts

"Ostromecko" Sparkling - carbonated mineral water of the highest quality, which comes from a natural source, and Mary has a great composition of mineral salts, low in sodium and high in sulfate ions. Groundwater fill its manganese, barium, strontium and fluorine, the water is not subjected to any chemical treatment on the plant. Mineral elements have a positive impact on the functioning of the body, give the water a unique taste.

Especially soda "Ostrometsko" useful for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and has a therapeutic effect. And the presence of phosphorus in the water required for the regeneration of the cells of the brain, makes it necessary for all drink.

The first official mention of the water "Ostrometsko" a source which was located in the village of the same name, refer to 1570, but the operation of power began only in 1894. Then, the estate belonged to Albrecht von Ostrometsko Alvenslebenu, and the source and the surrounding park have been named the source of Mary and Mary's Park on behalf of the wife of the owner - Mary Constance Shenbern. Is obtained from the water source and called - "Source of Mary", and its logo was a stylized rose. After the First World War the water was renamed "Ostrometsko", but the sign of the water - rose - and remains to this day.

Water "Ostrometsko" very appreciated for its taste and useful qualities. Proof of this is the love of consumers worldwide, as well as numerous medals and awards received at international exhibitions and competitions. Interestingly, his first medal received water back in 1895 at an exhibition in Königsberg (bronze) at the exhibition in Szczecin in 1898 (gold), and in 1927 brought the Grand Prix in Paris. In 2003, a factory for bottling water in Ostrometsko received the Certificate "Best Polish Quality" by ETSI.


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