Beer "Orval" Trappist Ale, 0.33 L

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Reviews of purchase "Orval" Trappist Ale, 0.33 L

Tasting Notes


Beer light amber color.


Taste of beer a few tart, dryish, interesting, well-refreshing, with a soft malt notes, notes of lemon and pepper, bitter grapefruit, hints of herbs, bread and apples. The finish is very long, with astringent bitterness of hops and fruit strokes.


Beautiful aroma of beer is made of notes of green apple, pear, floral hops and yeast. Coriander and white pepper add complexity bouquet. Later added nuances of mandarin and pineapple, sugar and caramel malt.


Beer well as an aperitif, goes well with Thai cuisine, cheeses, salads, fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

"Orval" - Belgian trappiststky el light amber color, with a good taste profile and beautiful multi-faceted fragrance. This is the only beer produced in the Abbey, so its production is paid a lot of attention. As part of the beer - only natural ingredients: two kinds of malt (light and caramelized), clean water from the source Matilda, aromatic hops German (Bavarian Hallertau) and Slovenian (Styrian Golding and the Alsacian Strisselspalt) origin, yeast obtained from a pure culture in 1830 . Beer is produced by the double fermentation. Secondary fermentation in the bottle at a temperature of 15 ° C lasts for 3 to 5 weeks. "Trappistes Orval" bottled in a specially designed bottle-shaped pins on the bottom of the bottle can be stored yeast sediment, which is replete with vitamin B.

Trappist - a branch of the Cistercian monastic order of Benedictine, which arose in 1664. Today there are 175 Trappist monasteries, but only seven of them (six - in Belgium - one in the Netherlands) have the right to use the name "Trappist" for its beer. To this must be met certain number of rules: the beer is brewed within the walls of the Abbey Trappist monks themselves or under their control; the purpose of the brewery should not be making a profit, and the proceeds used for the maintenance of the monks and the abbey and for charity and social work.

Orval Brewery, located in the territory of the Abbey of Notre Damme d'Orval, was established in 1931. This is one of the seven breweries in the world where Trappist beer is brewed now. Master brewer was appointed Mr. Pappenheymer, who invented the recipe for beer "Orval". As adopted, the commercial sales income of the monastery beer is for public purposes, and maintenance of the buildings of the abbey.

Production capacity of the brewery, fully renovated over the last fifteen years, represent the most modern technological equipment. Production does not exceed 70 000 hectoliters of beer a year, it is this amount, according to the brewery, is proportional in relation to the existing level of quality control.

On each bottle contains the date pouring to each consumer can easily find out the age of beer "Orval" and decide to use it right away (if you like green beer) or a few months or even years of aging, because the taste of beer demonstrates different nuances depending on the age.


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