Whisky Old Elgin, 1940, 50 years old, crystal decanter, 0.75 L

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Reviews of purchase Old Elgin, 1940, 50 years old, crystal decanter, 0.75 L

Tasting Notes


It has a rich shade of red gold.


Magnificent Old Elgin 1940 has a sweet balanced taste, rich bouquet in which intertwine notes of spices, dry grass and burnt oak, complemented by sherry tones, opens with notes of fudge in pleasant warming aftertaste.


The aroma in the foreground sound sweet fruity notes of baked apples, and then seamlessly appear sherry and malt tones with light notes of toffee.


Old Elgin 50 years of aging does not tolerate noise and can give real pleasure to its owner, to use it in accordance with the "Rules of five« S »: Sight, Smell, Swish, Swallow, Splash, or translated" Rules of five "P": See, sniff, savor, swallow, throwing water. According to him, to begin with, you need to make a few circular motions with a glass of whiskey (and, it is best to use a glass tulip shape), then inhale the aromas, for which the exemption gourmets add a few drops of water, and only then sip. It is best to use whiskey, as well as good cognac, at room temperature, and in no case does not add ice, since it does not fully open the aroma and taste of the beverage.

Interesting Facts

The company Gordon & MacPhail, producing high-quality whiskey since 1895, is the oldest and most respected in Scotland. From the very first days of its existence, the company bought alcohol from the best of Scottish producers, and then kept them in barrels until such time as the whiskey did not reach the best flavor characteristics. To date collection of whiskeys, Gordon and McPhail is considered one of the largest in the world, and the oldest of them are more than 50 years.
One of them - a collector Old Elgin 1940, an extremely rare whiskey, made from the finest single malt alcohols are produced in the vicinity of the town of Elgin. Passing double distillation in 1940 incomparable Old Elgin, waiting in the wings for 50 years, and an excerpt of this great whiskey made in Spanish sherry casks, which indicates the highest quality beverage. It is at the stage of barrel excerpts Old Elgin acquired its unique color, flavor and soft rounded additional shades of sherry in taste and aroma.
To emphasize the nobility and the high quality of the drink, the company Gordon & MacPhail concluded precious content of the spectacular crystal decanter made by hand the best Scottish artists. With its unique design, coupled with the maturity and grace of whiskey, Old Elgin fifty exposure is a gift worthy of kings and can decorate themselves the best collection of whiskey connoisseurs.

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