Wine "Moulin d'Angludet", Margaux AOC, 2007

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Reviews of purchase "Moulin d'Angludet", Margaux AOC, 2007

Tasting Notes


Wine rich ruby ​​color.


Taste wine elegant, balanced, rounded, with a smooth texture, harmonious fruit and spicy tones, excellent acidity and fine-grained tannins.


In a beautiful, fragrant wine sweetish notes of blackcurrant harmony with smoky tobacco undertones.


The wine is perfectly combined with meat, game, cheese, slightly spicy dishes.

Interesting Facts

"Mulan d'Anglyude" 2007 - the delightful second wine Château made ​​from vines younger. Nevertheless, this wine, like all wines Chateau has a balanced, flexible and rounded taste outstanding value! His dignity is confirmed by several awards won at international wine competitions. Wine can be drunk young or kept for 6 years. Vintage wines Chateau harvested mechanically, fermentation is carried out in concrete vats with temperature control. Followed by aging in oak barrels, a third of which is updated annually. Prior to bottling the wine is clarified with egg white. In addition to the great wines of the first "Chateau d'Angludet" , which produces about 10,000 cases a year, there is a second wine - "Moulin d'Angludet" (about 2000 cases per year), as well as "Clairet d'Angludet", which is produced by " bloodletting "(saignee).

History Chateau d'Anglyude conducted from the XII century, it received its name from the first owner of the Chateau - Bernard Chevalier d'Anglyude. Later Chateau replaced a great many owners and, ultimately, in 1631 moved to Pierre du Mont - rich deputy. With him on the farm were broken vineyards and wine were popular, as evidenced by the high price for them in the first years of the XVIII century. In 1776 the estate was purchased by Pierre Legacy, who took up the extension, renewal and development of vineyards. His efforts have led to an increase in the production of the conquest of high reputation. But unfortunately, his descendants were not interested in Chateau. After his death in 1791, the estate was divided among his four sons, and then divided again the next generation. Vineyards have been abandoned, production fell to one-third of what it was when Pierre. That is why the Chateau not hit the famous classification of 1855, it simply nowhere to be seen. Chateau was always classified as Cru Bourgeois. This fact was not very good for the next owners but favorable for those who buy wine for taste and quality, not the titles and outdated classification.
Chateau d'Anglyude revival began in 1961, when its owner was Peter Sishel, which owns part of Palmer. At the time of the 80 hectares of vineyards occupy only seven. Peter, and then to his son Benjamin, who headed the Chateau in 1989, gradually restored the vineyards. Today, they cover 32 hectares of sandy-gravelly terroir. Here are grown Cabernet Sauvignon (55%), Merlot (35%) and Petit Verdot (10%). Over time, the lands of the Château was "added" a significant portion of the vineyards "Notton", belonging to the family Lurton. They are controlled with minimal chemical treatment, Benjamin Sishel prefers to use methods to prevent, for example, planting grass between the rows to prevent weeds; Hard pruning vines for yield reduction; thinning foliage that promotes the maturation of the grapes.


In our store you can buy wine "Moulin d'Angludet", Margaux AOC, 2007, price "Moulin d'Angludet", Margaux AOC, 2007 — 2 220 rub.. Producer wine Chateau d'Angludet. Delivery "Moulin d'Angludet", Margaux AOC, 2007.