Whisky "Kilkerran" Work in Progress 3, in tube, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "Kilkerran" Work in Progress 3, in tube, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Whiskey color "golden barley."


The taste of whiskey incredibly rich and buttery, smooth and silky, with notes of sweet red apples, carrots, chocolate, clover nuances and freshly cut grass.


Whisky has a pleasant aroma with hints of cardamom, cinnamon, toffee and spice muffins.


This whiskey - a great digestif. Can be used as a standalone drink, or in combination with a cigar.

Interesting Facts

"Kilkerran" Work in Progress 3 - whiskey, released in 2011 in the amount of 9,000 bottles. Marking a "Work in Progress 3" indicates that this is the third release of whiskey "Kilkerran." Whiskey is maintained for 7 years in barrels of sherry and bourbon, so it has a rich sweet fruit notes on the palate.

A long and colorful history of Mitchell's Glengyle distillery associated with the name William Mitchell. William was the son of the founder of Springbank Distillery Archibald Mitchell. The family was not only distillers, but also farmers, which was circulated at the time. After a quarrel with his brother, William decided to leave the family business and opened his company. So in 1872, the plant appeared Mitchell's Glengyle. Like most of the distilleries Campbelltown, Glengayl suffered greatly during the economic recession in the 20-ies of XX century. All the company's shares were sold to April 8, 1924. Despite the fact that the distillery produces no alcoholic beverages, it remained in use relative to the present day. In the factory, shooting club, then the depot and office sales of crops. In November 2000, 75 years after the last issue of whiskey distillery bought the company Mitchell's Glengyle Limited led by Hedley Wright, chairman of J & A Mitchell and Co Ltd. and great-great nephew William Mitchell.

Today Mitchell's Glengayl produces whiskey "Mitchell's" whiskey called "Kilkerran". The last name was chosen for the single malt whiskey is not accidental. Firstly, because the name Glengayl at the time of recovery of production has become used to the mixed malt Highland. Secondly, and more importantly, Mitchell's Glengyle very proud that continues the tradition of their ancestors. "Kilkerran" is derived from the Gaelic "Ceann Loch Cille Chiarain", the name of settlement Saint Kerran, the site of which is now located Campbelltown.


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