Wine Michele Satta, "Costa di Giulia", Toscana IGT, 2006

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Reviews of purchase Michele Satta, "Costa di Giulia", Toscana IGT, 2006

Tasting Notes


Wine color straw yellow with greenish tint, but with age it becomes more delicate golden hue.


Perfectly balanced, extremely fresh, mineral taste wine with excellent acidity leaves a long, slightly bitter, dry aftertaste.


The elegant bouquet of young wine harmoniously interwoven enticing aromas of ripe berries and acacia flowers. In more mature beverage further exhibits the original notes of minerals, dried fruits and honey.


The wine is a perfect accompaniment to fish, white meat and Mediterranean dishes.

Interesting Facts

Prior to 1997, wine "Costa di Giulia" is made ​​exclusively from grapes Vermentino. But in 1995, the vineyards were planted with Sauvignon Blanc, and after the first harvest wine has undergone some changes in its composition. During the production of "Costa di Giulia" grapes undergoes natural fermentation at a controlled temperature not exceeding 20 ° C and after filtration is bottled.

"... My whole story is born out of a deep love for the land. I felt my duty and love for his two main women - Earth and wife Lyuchie that accompanied me from the very beginning of my choice. I would like to take risks and these attractions have become my life. And now, after a while, I look at their vineyards with love, feeling the deep unity "(Michele

Michele Satta
decided to engage in winemaking and founded the farm in 1984. Prior to that, he was a simple farmer. Less than 10 years later, in the landmark 1990, he collected his first harvest from its own vineyards. Starting with the lease vineyards, after a short time Satta became their own and began to cultivate new varieties there, which, in his opinion, the best way reflect the full potential of the terroir of Bolgheri. He also experimented with the volume of barrels in which the wine is aged. Starting with a large barriques, which accommodates 225 hectoliters of wine, gradually began to use small - on 10 and 35 hectoliters. Satta believes that they allow to reveal the taste qualities of Sangiovese grapes.

"Wine - is not a product, but the result of the relationship. That's why it is unique and unrepeatable. He is a person that is born of the grape variety and it depends directly on the land on which he cultivates. Terms vintage - unpredictable: wet or dry, hot or cold - the year is never repeated. After the harvest, slow, combined with the experience of a man is born an amazing drink. We can not talk about the quality of the wine based on many parameters. It's like, what to speak of the dignity of women, but only by outward signs "(
Michele Satta).


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In our store you can buy wine Michele Satta, "Costa di Giulia", Toscana IGT, 2006, price Michele Satta, "Costa di Giulia", Toscana IGT, 2006 — 1 008 rub.. Producer wine Michele Satta. Delivery Michele Satta, "Costa di Giulia", Toscana IGT, 2006.