Chocolate Michel Cluizel, Chocolats de Plantation, Assorted

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Reviews of purchase Michel Cluizel, Chocolats de Plantation, Assorted

Tasting Notes


Products color of dark chocolate.


The taste of chocolate is different saturated spicy, berry, fruit and ginger tones.


Treats have a rich aroma with notes of cocoa, tropical fruit, berries and spices.


Chocolate pleasantly combined with a cup of tea, cocoa or coffee, served in a red wine, port wine.

Interesting Facts

"1ers Crus de Plantation" (Unique Plantation) - set containing 16 mini-bars perfect dark chocolate from the factory Michel Cluizel. The kit includes a custom-unique technologies chocolate, which, by analogy with the best wines, proudly bears the name of the plantation where they were grown cocoa beans to create it: Mokaya Bio (Mexico), Maralumi (Papua - New Guinea), Vila Gracinda (San Tome), Los Ancones Bio (Santo Domingo) and Mangaro (Madagascar). High-quality chocolate, presented in the set, can satisfy even the most discerning palates. Tasting small dainties tiles, each weighing 5 grams, you can discover the unique flavor and aroma characteristics of each type of chocolate.

Mini chocolate from the set of "1ers Crus de Plantation" is easy to use with family and friends, he also will be a wonderful occasion for a long and enjoyable coffee break in the office.

Net Weight: 80 grams.

Producer's description

Cluize l Chocolate Factory was founded in 1948 by Mark Klyuizelem confectioner and his wife Marcella. At that time, production was small and was located on the estate in the town Damvil in Upper Normandy.

The modern factory building was built under the leadership of Michel Klyuizelya by which products of this small family business in 1987 reached a new international level. Today the production is headed by the son of Michel - Marc Klyuizel. Besides the factory Cluizel family owns several chocolate boutiques, located in Paris and New York, as well as the initiator of the discovery of chocolate museums in France and the United States called "Chocolatriums".
For our family of products Cluizel uses raw materials supplied directly from the best plantations. Processing of cocoa beans is carried out directly on the production Cluizel, whose offices are located not only in France but also in the United States.

Since 2012, all products are factory Michel Cluizel has won state quality mark EPV ("Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant").


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