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Tasting Notes


Wine pale golden color.


Taste wine lively, fresh, well balanced, with fine acidity, a young, slightly sparkling.


In the fresh scent of citrus tones of wine and fruit.


The wine can be served as an aperitif, to appetizers, fried fish, seafood, salads and light meals.

Interesting Facts

The origin of the wine, "Mateus" dates back to 1942, when the company's founder Fernando Van Zeller Guedes the idea of a wine with a distinct personality and unique taste, presented in the original packaging innovation. The bottle was created in the image of a soldier's flask, the flask during the First World War. The combination of originality and quality of the wine bottles ensure success for years to come. Today the brand is represented in more than 125 countries, in 60 years of its existence has sold over 1 billion bottles.
"Mateus Blanco" is created from white grapes: Fernayo Perez, Bikal, Malvasia and Arinto. The wine is produced using advanced winemaking techniques in order to ensure its freshness, well-balanced acidity and youth. After fermentation, the wine goes cold stabilization.

In 1942, Fernando Van Zeller Guedes with partners founded the company "Sociedade Comercial dos Grandes Vinhos de Mesa de Portugal", which is now known as "SOGRAPE Vinhos". The objective of the company was to create a product based on three criteria: quality of the wine, the importance of brands and active presentation of their wines. First issued a drink, to realize all the criteria, it was wine, "Mateus", which brought the company's reputation and gave impetus to the further development of production and access to the markets of Argentina and Spain, and later - the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States. Under the leadership of Fernando Guedes in 1967 built a new factory in Avintes. It was a new level of volume and quality. Six modern bottling provide volume 200 thousand bottles per day. In the 70s "SOGRAPE" is expanding its portfolio with other policy areas, including the glass industry and banking. After global restructuring in 80 years, the company has focused on creating new wines and coverage of new wine regions of Portugal - the Tao, Vinho Verde, Bairrada, Douro and Alentejo. Significant funds have been invested in research on selection and planting of high-quality varieties of Portuguese grapes, as well as in the construction of modern wine-making facilities. Guedes also began to actively support university research in the field of biotechnology, viticulture and winemaking. Today the company is run by the third generation of the family Guedes. It owns about 1,200 hectares of vineyards in the main Portuguese wine regions, as well as in Argentina, Chile and New Zealand. Production base "SOGRAPE" includes 9 estates and 10 wineries, the power of more than 30 million. Liters per year.


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