Gin Martin Miller's, "Westbourne Strength", 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Martin Miller's, "Westbourne Strength", 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Gene transparent color.


The rich, very complex, sharp enough, well balanced flavor of gin is dominated by shades of juniper, which are backed by nuances of citrus and spices. The finish is the same - soft and gentle.


The aroma of gin full, deep, fruity.


Jin is recommended to create cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Gene "Westbourne Strength" was released in 2003 in response to a request from the bartenders to create a gin higher fortress. The name of this unique, complex drink was named after the residence of Martin Miller - Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill (West London). When you create a "Westbourne Strengs" Miller uses the same palette of ingredients as in gin "80 Proof" , but makes subtle changes in their balance sheets.

The composition of gin "Westbourne Strengs" along with classic juniper includes Florentine iris, cassia bark, licorice root, coriander, angelica, lemon peel, lime and orange. Created in England raw alcohol distillation goes on a long journey to Iceland, where it is mixed with the clean, soft on the ground Icelandic spring water. It is ten times cleaner than bottled water, available on the market today (including Evian, Perrier and Vittal), has an index of less than 8 ppm dissolved solids. Icelandic water is not only the "perfect canvas" to show the beautiful taste of gin, but also gives the drink a great softness and sweetness. High Castle "Westbourne Strengs" (45.2%) makes gin ideal for more complex or highly flavored cocktails.

Calling himself an eccentric, English businessman Martin Miller can do a lot and everything for which it is taken, done properly, is worthy of respect and sympathy Sea. Before the creation of Gene Martin dealt in real estate, is still the owner of the prestigious boutique hotels and "Miller's Academy", conducting lectures on art and science. He is the author of two books - a guide to etiquette, entitled "Success in the fairer sex" and "Antique Price Guides". With regard to the jinn from Martin Miller, they are not just quality - they are unique and not surprisingly, loved by connoisseurs and bartenders around the world. Their balance, softness and richness are ideal for cocktail of any complexity. Also, experts say that they are clearer and more refreshing compared to other samples. And Ginny Martin Miller is "secret" - in Iceland, where the distillate is mixed with a soft, clean Icelandic spring water, a part of the jinn added another ingredient, whose name is not even known master-distiller.

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