Wine Malbec Finca "La Linda", 2015

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Reviews of purchase Malbec Finca "La Linda", 2015

Tasting Notes


The wine garnet color with purple reflections.


The taste of wine is harmonious, juicy, with a velvety texture, balanced acidity and a long fruity aftertaste.


The wine has a pleasant aroma with notes of cherry and plum Morello, complemented by nuances of mint, vanilla and spices.


Wine is preferably supplied to the dishes of red and white meat, big game and hard cheeses.

Interesting Facts

The grapes for the production of Malbec Finca "La Linda" is grown in extremely favorable conditions in the vicinity of the Andes. The vineyard is located in Lujan de Cuyo on the eastern slope of the mountain height of 960 meters above sea level. Luigi Bosca owned it since 1905. The average age of the vines is 30 years. The farm has conducted long-term experiments on the cultivation of vines that along with tender care and careful sorting and selection of successful harvest affects the ripening of fruits. After harvesting grapes is directed to a fermentation in steel containers at controlled temperatures. The wine is aged in barriques biennial within 3-4 months. Before bottling carried light filtering.

Luigi Bosca winery with more than hundred years of history, rich tradition, experience and deep knowledge of the values ​​of the region is considered one of the oldest in Mendoza. Leoncio Aris arrived in Mendoza in 1890, where he began working in the company of his uncle, who was involved in the sale of wines. In 1901 there was the first vineyard of the family. Since 1908 Leoncio began managing the family farm. Very interesting is the fact that the winery got its name in honor of a family friend and winemaker Luigi Bosca, not in honor of Leoncio Aris. The thing is that my brother Leoncio while already started another business, who gave his name, and the name of his mother - Ferrari did not fit because there were already known worldwide Ferrari cars, as well as Italian winery with exactly the same name. But despite this, the son of Leoncio, Saturnino Aris, later coined a slogan that read: "our wine is the same as Ferrari". But this philosophy has not been fully implemented, as Aris never added to the value of their fine wines as impressive margin for the brand. As well as the Italian engineers and designers improve their machines, the current director of Luigi Bosca, Alberto Ariza, believes that only forward movement makes a truly great winery. One of the main advantages of the company is the ability to combine tradition and innovation.

With vineyards economy Luigi Bosca offers wonderful views of the Andes, the neighborhood that creates an excellent climate for growing grapes. Experts believe that many millions of years ago, this land was the bottom of the ocean, so prevalent in the soils of clay, pebbles and tektites. Grow grapes here perfectly reflects the terroir, in the process of ripening berries conducted research and tests to determine the optimal maturity. Grape harvest is carried out manually. During aging of wine in oak barrels Checking and topping are made twice a week, and to release the carbon dioxide that enters the wine, before closing drums rattle them gently with a wooden hammer. In short, the winery is committed to protect, preserve and express the character of delicious grapes.


In our store you can buy wine Malbec Finca "La Linda", 2015, price Malbec Finca "La Linda", 2015 — 882 rub.. Producer wine Luigi Bosca. Delivery Malbec Finca "La Linda", 2015.