Absent "Maktub" Black, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "Maktub" Black, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Absinthe soft dark color.


Absinthe has a non-intrusive, deceptive light and mild flavor with a subtle mint aftertaste.


Absinthe distinctive fresh and bright aroma with hints of fennel, hyssop, lemon balm and marjoram.


There are several ways to use absinthe. Typically, the drink is drunk with the addition of diluted sugars (using special spoon) and 5 parts water to 1 part absinthe sometimes used instead of water ice cubes. Absinthe is also often a part of a variety of cocktails, bringing their taste certain piquancy. Absinthe can also be enjoyed in its pure form, but in small doses.

Interesting Facts

Absinthe "Maktub" is made ​​according to the traditional recipe, invented by French doctor Pierre Ordinerom in 1792 in Switzerland. At that time he was known as a special herbal tincture, combining anise, wormwood, lemon balm, fennel, marjoram, hyssop and mint. In Arabic, the word "Maktub" means "It is destined."
The traditional understanding of beverage convinces us that absinthe should be green. However, absinthe is different. In particular, absinthe "Maktub" Black has a soft, almost black color. Thanks to the root extract of wormwood and anise reduced levels, it does not only change the color, but also add notes of licorice.

With regard to the consumption of absinthe, they are too few. Traditional is the following: absinthe is poured into a glass on the sides of which is a special spoon with a slotted it figured through holes. Spoon is placed on a piece of sugar, which is poured ice water until the proportions 5.3: 1. The addition of water helps to reveal the wealth of herbal notes of absinthe, in the manufacture of beverage suppressed anise.
Can result in another way. Chilled absinthe is poured into a glass (1/5 volume), it is dipped a piece of cane sugar, placed on a teaspoon, and ignited. Sugar begins to melt and flow into the glass, gently mix the resulting mixture with a spoon and add a glass of ice water.

Producer's description

The company Fruko Schulz confidently takes position among the five largest producers of alcohol in the Czech Republic. In 1898, Moritz founded the first factory for the production of fruit and dessert wines in Austria-Hungary. Then he got his own brewery, located in Kardashov RECHITSA, and built a couple of fruit warehouses. During the Second World War Schultz nearly lost his business. His sons emigrated to England, and the Moritz decided to stay in the Czech Republic and continue the family business, but in 1948 the government nationalized the company, attach it to the South Bohemian Fruit of Ceske Budejovice. Fruko Schulz was the seventh company, along with factories for the production of canned pates and ketchup. Over time, Schultz was able to regain his factory and warehouses, production got rapid development. In 1990 was established the independent state-owned company Fruko Jindrichuv Hradec, and in 1993 Rudolf Schulz, son of the founder Moritz Schultz, acquired ownership of the company and created the company "Fruko-Schulz." All beverages Fruko Schulz have a high level of quality, great taste and a bright, eye-catching design of the bottle and label. Thanks to the excellent quality of products, the company Fruko Schulz widely known among European consumers.
Since 2007, the St. Petersburg plant Ladoga has partial ownership rights now. Due to this the opportunity to export to the Russian market, the use of new production technologies and the creation of a wide range of new brands.


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