Wine Lucien Le Moine, Bourgogne Rouge AOC, 2011

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Reviews of purchase Lucien Le Moine, Bourgogne Rouge AOC, 2011

Tasting Notes


The wine is dark red in color.


The taste of wine is soft, harmonious, with a silky texture, pure fruit notes, well integrated tannins and a long finish.


The wine has an expressive flavor, which harmoniously interwoven fruity notes of strawberry, raspberry and cherry.


The wine goes well with meat dishes, especially - with the stew, as well as with grilled salmon and mushrooms.

Interesting Facts

Each year, Lucien Le Moine economy produces a small amount of Bourgogne Rouge, using to create a great wine grapes from the areas of Grand Cru Class and Premiers Crus of the Côte de Beaune, Côte de Nuits and Côte Shalonnez to reflect the spirit of vintage and terroir of Burgundy as a whole. Bourgogne Rouge - a fantastic example of red burgundy. This wine should be consumed young, after two or three years of aging.

"Lucien Le Moine" - is a small winery located in Bonn. It was founded in 1999 by two people - Mounir Saouma, winemaker from Lebanon, and his bride Rotem marriage. "We came here because of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and stayed because of the Côte d'Or and its wines." Lucien Le Moine "- this is our way of life in Burgundy, and we are deeply sprouted roots in this beautiful place that is chosen for life." Munir studied and worked in a Trappist monastery, where he discovered the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Later he entered the Higher National Agronomic School in Montpellier, where he studied viticulture and winemaking. Then, six years gaining experience in various vineyards in Burgundy and other regions of France as well as in California, where he was bewitched "old school" cultivation, vinification and aging of wine. One day he decided to try out all that he saw and what I learned, and with Rotem created a small wine cellar, based on the ideas of perfection and tradition.

Economy "Lucien Le Moine" produces only selected wines and class Grand Premiers Crus, to create which every year is only the best harvest. As merchants, the couple buys from local winemakers red wines often after the pressing process and white in the form of juice, and then completes the "maturation" of wines in barrels in a small cellar of the XVIII century in Bonn. That is why the wine is produced in small quantities: in 2002, the year it was made 67 barrels of wine, in 2003 - 47, and in 2004 - 72. And the very small winery in Beaune calculated only 100 barrels (30,000 bottles) . It allows Munir and Rotem personally engage each harvest, using the accumulated over the years of training and practice invaluable knowledge and experience.


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