Wine Louis Michel & Fils, Chablis Premier Cru "Forets" AOC, 2012

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Reviews of purchase Louis Michel & Fils, Chablis Premier Cru "Forets" AOC, 2012

Tasting Notes


The wine is a clear straw-gold color.


The wine has a delicious, fresh taste of high-end sea salty minerality interwoven with notes of very ripe yellow and white fruit. Long aftertaste comes with juicy notes of sea breeze and a spicy tinge Cherry pits.


Lovely, juicy notes of apple, ripe yellow fruit tones of crushed chalk, lime, vanilla and spicy notes of chicken, seasoned with herbs, form a wonderful, woven of contradictions, elegant aroma of this wine.


The wine is recommended with seafood, fresh sea fish and white meat.

Interesting Facts

Dry white wine Chablis Premier Cru "Montee de Tonnerre" is made ​​from Chardonnay grapes grown in the vineyard, "Monte de Tonnerre" category Premiers Crus, located on the right bank of the Seren, near the vineyards Grand Cru Class. The site "Monte de Tonnerre", is of doubt, is the most famous and sought-after among the vineyards of Chablis Premier Cru. The vineyard is very small, only 4 hectares, the first vines were planted here in 1974. Soils area are Upper Jurassic reservoir Cimmerian and consist of clay, marl and limestone, mixed with fossil oyster shells. The average age of the vines - 34 years. Continuous alcoholic fermentation of the wort takes place in temperature-controlled steel tankers at low temperature. Fermentation provide wild yeast cultures that live on the skin of grapes. Implemented by spontaneous malolactic fermentation. Maturation on lees refined stainless steel tanks with minimal outside interference lasts for 12 months or longer. Then the wort passes in the long-term stabilization of moderated temperature. If necessary, apply clarification of wine using bentonite. Before bottling the wine in the airless environment takes a single light filtering. The potential for storing wine Chablis "Monte de Tonnerre" 2011 - 10 years or more.

Producer's description

Occupation winemaking - favorite family affair Michel - has long been rooted. Several generations of family, since 1850, passionate about the development of winemaking traditions appellasona Chablis. The winery is located in the heart of the village of Chablis. Vineyard management Louis Michel & Fils area of 25 hectares stretched out on the hills, where the first stage in the XI century, developed under the landing vines Cistercians - the monks of the Catholic religious order. 40 years ago the family decided to eliminate the step of aging in oak barrels from the winemaking process and focus on creating a fragrant Chablis with crystal freshness, not clouded by woody notes. This wine principle, combined with low yields and methods of organic farming, brought the company worldwide fame and a reputation manufacturers of pure wine, aged in steel tanks. Today the winery is managed by Jean-Loup Michel and his nephew Guillaume Zhiku Michel, continuing the family tradition of winemaking.


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