Lheraud Cognac 1943 Grande Champagne, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Lheraud Cognac 1943 Grande Champagne, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Cognac copper-amber color.


Warm and deep flavor of brandy has a great balance and velvety finish with light spicy undertones.


Complex bouquet of cognac combines bright tones of oak, almonds, prunes and meadow grasses.


Cognac is served as an aperitif and digestif, it is recommended in combination with lemon, coffee and cigars.

Interesting Facts

The motto of the cognac house Guy L'Heureux: "To make a good cognac, it must be love!".

1943 Lheraud Cognac Grande Champagne - Cognac with an elegant and harmonious, spicy taste and rich, warm aroma. Millezim 1943 is presented in a stylish wooden box. Cognac bring undoubted delight as an aperitif and digestif.

The founding year of the cognac house L'Heureux (Lheraud) should be considered as 1680, and the founder - Alexander L'Heureux. In the small village Lada (Lasdoux), in the center of Petit Champagne (Petite Champagne), near the town of Cognac (Cognac), he began to grow grapes and established brandy production. On the lands of the estate grows grapes selected varieties Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard. In 1970, the case was transferred to Guy L'Heureux, who is engaged in the production and sale of cognac under the name "Cognac Guy Lheraud". Monsieur Guy L'Heureux, helping his son Laurent L'Heureux and wife - Madame L'Heureux, which is responsible for product design. "... She has good taste, because she chose me," - said the head of the dynasty.

Cognac house L'Heureux made the traditional way, by double distillation, without modern electronic devices, without additives caramel, sugar and other ingredients, so they are different natural color and natural flavor. Commission professionals cognac (BNIC) controls all stages of the production of cognac, confirming their origin and quality.

House Lheraud - the official supplier of brandy to the House of Lords in London and the Imperial House of Japan. These exclusive cognacs are presented in the most famous restaurants in the world: "La Tour d'Argent" (Tokyo), "Richemond" (Geneva), "Dalloyau" (Paris), as well as "Dallmayr" (Munich) - one of the largest and most expensive world of gourmet shops, and places of worship for lovers of luxury and exclusive products - shopping center "Harrods" in London. As acknowledged by Alexander Massena - Managing cognac house Lheraud (Lero), cognac houses prefer the former French President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Raffarin of France, Prince Albert of Monaco, and many other famous people. About 10 years ago, and the Russians have the opportunity to try the excellent products cognac house L'Heureux.

Give yourself and your familiarity with the legendary elite cognac house L'Heureux!


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