Leopold Gourmel, XO Cognac, carafe & gift box, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Leopold Gourmel, XO Cognac, carafe & gift box, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Cognac soft, pleasant golden color.


Clean, smooth taste of cognac reveals intense refreshing notes.


Cognac different fresh, clean, well-defined flavor.


Cognac is excellent in combination with fruit and in tandem with a good cigar.

Interesting Facts

XO Cognac from Leopold Gourmel - a drink 10 years of aging with a clean, refreshing, non-aggressive taste. Cognac is created from grapes Ugni Blanc grown in the subregion Fins Bois on clay and chalky soils. The process of creating this cognac suggests duration of exposure (at least 10 years of age) in high-quality oak barrels.

In 1972, Pierre Voisin, together with Olivier Blanc, acquiring the ownership of vineyards in the Fins Bois, decided to create a cognac house and name it in honor of his grandfather - Leopold Gurmelya - very open and close to nature, a man who loved his garden and a small vineyard, animals loved to fish on the shore of the island of Ile de Ré. By profession Leopold was Gurmel horse saddler. For this reason, a new logo cognac house was chosen horse's head - a sign, symbolizing a stylish, elegant and refined cognac.

Until 1993 the activities of Leopold Gourmel economy is not very successful. By this time, Pierre Voisin retired, Olivier Blanc, remained the sole owner, decided to radically change policy brandy production and promotion. The basis of the decision was put postulate "good spirits can only be obtained from a good wine," as well as a new way of natural aging of cognac. Olivier assembled a new team of professionals. The following years were spent in a series of continuous experimentation with choice vines, soil, exposure, vineyards, organic methods of care, cleanliness vintage, wood for aging and, finally, the distribution network. Olivier Blanc titanic work was not in vain, attempt to create a completely new cognac success. Today cognac house Gurmel Leopold, who owns 44 acres of superb vineyards in appellasone Fins Bois, near the town of Angouleme, rightly takes pride of place in the world elite of strong alcohol.

One of the most original innovations Olivier Blanc - is to create their own classification of cognacs, based on characteristics of the aromatic beverage, which he replaced the traditional grading term exposure. The youngest cognac - it is "the first fragrance." They are followed by the category "Age of fruits" and "Age of flowers." Most seasoned - "Age of spices" and "Quintessence".

"I have always adhered to the belief that the cognac - it's fun, and to understand our style, people are quite a few simple and truthful words: fruit ... flowers ... spices ... natural ... perhaps even the only one without additives ... pure brandy, fresh and flexible "- Olivier Blanc.


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