Rum "Legendario" Elixir de Cuba, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Rum dark amber.


Rum has a taste of the infinite complexity and depth, filled with sweet flavors of fruit, caramel, raisins and light hints of tobacco in the aftertaste.


Complex aroma with notes of molasses, rum, caramel, milk chocolate with hints of spices - nutmeg and vanilla, and honey tones and light, subtle hints of fruit (grapes, raisins, mango and banana).


Rum is ideal for use in its pure form, as you can drink by adding an ice cube. Perfect for creating cocktails, marinades and cooking various dishes.

Interesting Facts

Excellent rum 7-Year Old "Legendario" Elixir de Cuba - the most gentle, sweet, with an incredibly rich flavor and complex aroma - is the flagship of the company is legendary. Distilled molasses kept in American oak barrels for 7 years, and then in distilled water is added rum and raisins. After 30 days, the beverage is filtered using a system of conventional activated carbon and quartz, and bottled.

Brand of rum "Legendario" was founded in Havana in 1946 and was intended to be sold on the domestic market of Cuba. Rum for the first time under this title released in the factory Fabrica de ron Bocoy, a building which was built in the XV century in the historic district of Havana. Now rum is made on 6 plants located across Cuba, in the traditional old methods, and its popularity has been growing at an impressive rate.
The company's slogan is legendary, an office which is based in Valencia, Spain, says: "Taste of Nature" and the products are always pleased with unsurpassed quality. The flagship product of the brand is considered rum 7-Year Old "Legendario" Elixir de Cuba - very soft, sweet rum with an incredibly rich flavor, produced on the island of Cuba.


  • Strength:: 34%
  • Color : Dark
  • Made from: Treacle
  • Cask type: White American Oak Casks
  • Body: Full Bodied
  • Exposure: 7 years
  • Website:
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