Cognac "Legenda Moldovei" XO, souvenir box, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Legenda Moldovei" XO, souvenir box, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


The drink is a beautiful dark amber.


Drink differs refined, balanced, harmonious, smooth taste with light fruity and floral tones.


Interesting aroma of cognac reveals hints of honey, vanilla, cinnamon, fruit and chocolate, perfectly complementing the taste of divine will.


The drink is a good digestif and goes well with coffee.

Interesting Facts

"Legenda Moldovei" XO - refined, interesting premium Moldovan divin (cognac national title), created by the traditional, which has a century technology. The drink is created primarily from grapes Rkatsiteli, Aligote and Ugni Blanc and aged in oak barrels for at least 7 years. The art of creating this cognac is divided into several stages. After the grape harvest in the first weeks of autumn, it is compressed in a horizontal press, and the juice is subjected to a three-week fermentation. The resulting dry wine is distilled twice to give cognac alcohol. These alcohols are aged in oak barrels at a constant temperature conditions (14-15 ° C). During the period of exposure to the future quality of cognac is influenced by many factors - the very oak barrel, damp basements, storage temperature and amount of sunlight. At this stage, which can take anywhere from 2 years up to half a century, the drink takes on a beautiful amber-gold color and absorbs extractives from wood. After holding the brandy is sent to the most skilful and delicate of all processes - blending, then finished drink bottled.
Name of cognac «Legenda Moldovei» symbolizes a legendary history of the origins of the Moldavian principality. In the people there are many versions of this event, but the most popular is the story of Dragos, which can be found on the pages of the book D. Cantemir, dating from the 18th century. It tells how the heir Prince Bogdan - Dragos decided to overcome the eastern mountains. He took with him three hundred hunters and pet dog - Molde. By chance, on the way they attacked on the trail of a wild bull - Zibrov. Driven attacked his next dog, the animal fell into the river and was killed with hunting arrows. It so happened that Mold captured hunting instinct, too, fell into the water, where he died. In memory of the incident Dragos called the river Moldova and ordered to become a symbol of the new Duchy of wild ox - the European bison.

"Moldovan standards" - one of the largest manufacturers of Moldovan brandy, whose history began in 1998. The factory is located in Southern Bessarabia, near the village of Tvarditsa. For miles around this area is surrounded by beautiful vineyards (more than 1700 hectares of land). The company is developing a strong alcoholic beverages (brandy, divines), carrying out a complete production cycle within the same plant. At their disposal is the best equipment from Switzerland and Italy. To create a cognac later used exclusively white grape varieties - Aligote, Rkatsiteli and Ugni Blanc. When blending of bouquet divines often complement cognac alcohol from "Tessendier & Fils". The secret of success of "Moldovan standards" in a beautiful training employees, using high quality raw material and follow the traditions of the region. Products from "Moldovan standards" has won awards at competitions such as "Peterfood" (2004), "World Food Ukraine" (2004) and "Prodexpo" (2005).


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