Whisky "Ledaig" Aged 10 Years (46.3%), 50 ml

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Reviews of purchase "Ledaig" Aged 10 Years (46.3%), 50 ml

Tasting Notes


Whiskey sparkling lemon-gold color.


Whisky has a slightly sweet flavor, which is set off by hints of hot peppers, thin and light notes of smoke and iodine. Licorice root and cloves form the final grade.


Whisky has a complex, multi-layered aroma with tones of resin kreazota and wood-smoked shades.


Whiskey is perfect as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Ledaig Aged 10 Years - excellent whiskey 10 years of aging, which is synonymous with peaty single malts taste of the island. Ledaig name is pronounced «Led-chig» or Ledchig, which translated from the Gallic means "shelter" or "blessed refuge» (Safe Heaven).

Ledchig whiskey produced in the south of the pier on Tobermorskogo Tobermory distillery, which is located on the beautiful island of Mull. The first production of the updated whiskey began in August 1996. When malting used peat, which gives the whiskey an intense smokiness, water, used in the manufacture of whiskey, gives it extra smoky notes. Whiskey is aged in oak barrels of bourbon for 10 years. Maturation takes place on the mainland in the ancient isolated storage, which is famous for constant temperature. Whisky Ledaig Aged 10 Years won the Gold Medal and was awarded the title "Best in Class" in the competition IWSC - 2008.

One of the oldest distilleries in Scotland Tobermory was founded by John Sinclair in 1798, but construction continued until 1823. Tobermory is located in a wooded area near the sea and is the only distillery on the remote Scottish island of Mull. During its existence, the distillery changed hands several times and was closed. Initially, the distillery was called Ledaig, which later changed, but the release of single malt whiskey with the same name is still ongoing. Today Tobermory distillery is operated by Bern Stewart Distillers.


In our store you can buy whisky "Ledaig" Aged 10 Years (46.3%), 50 ml, price "Ledaig" Aged 10 Years (46.3%), 50 ml — 441 rub.. Producer whisky Tobermory. Delivery "Ledaig" Aged 10 Years (46.3%), 50 ml.