Liqueur "Lapponia" Mustikka, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Liquor dark red color.


Liquor has a thick, silky and very sweet fruity taste with a distinctive shade of blueberries.


Liquor has a warm and natural aroma of freshly picked blueberries.


Liquor is supplied to the ice cream and pastries, as well as a digestif and cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Lapponia" Mustikka - sweet berry liqueur with silky texture and rich notes of blueberries. Liquor is different deep and warm aroma and bright, natural colors. It is served with ice cream or cocktails, can be used in pure form.

High quality liqueurs "Lapponia" is based on the traditions of a century ago. History of the brand originated in the late XIX century, when the lord of the Russian Empire Alexander II granted NEGOTIANT Andres Norfodsu permission to trade in alcoholic beverages, in particular, liqueurs. All liqueurs under the brand name "Lapponia" manufactured in Finland on the basis of wild berries collected manually on the territory of Lapland, Finland and the purest water. After careful selection of berries collected by extracting berry extract by placing the whole fruit in a container with 30% neutral alcohol. 3-6 weeks for alcohol saturated with color, taste and aroma of berries. Purified from the seeds and peel berry extract is double distillation with natural berry juice and sugar. Almost ready liquor is kept in special containers for 2 months. After cleaning, cold bottled liquors.

Despite the availability of modern equipment, most of the processes in the production of liqueurs occur manually, but due to the method of slow extraction liquors "Lapponia" fully acquire the natural taste and aroma of wild northern berries.
Today the trademark "Lapponia" produced by the Finnish company Scanfrentz Ltd, part of the group of "V & S Finland OY", whose products are annually exported to Europe, America and Asia.


In our store you can buy liqueur "Lapponia" Mustikka, 0.5 L, price "Lapponia" Mustikka, 0.5 L — 1 286 rub.. Producer liqueur Scanfrentz. Delivery "Lapponia" Mustikka, 0.5 L.