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Laguiole, "Sommelier" Corkscrew l'Organique Rouge

23 476 rub.

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Interesting Facts

Laguiole, "Sommelier" Corkscrew, Origine Paquebot France - functional and spectacular wine accessory that allows you to quickly and conveniently to uncork a wine bottle. This model is part of a collection of "Sommelier", designed for professional use. In its manufacture the sturdy and durable stainless steel, and the handle is made with a special grace. The model consists of a corkscrew with five threaded helical coils that are optimally penetrate the cork wine; solid support and the blade for cutting foil. Lajolo, Corkscrew "sommelier" is made by hand, so each model is unique, which is confirmed by the author's engraving.

Producer's description

Laguiole - French brand, which is known all over the world, thanks to high-quality folding knives and corkscrews. The company is named after the town in the department of Aveyron, which is located in its production.

The first knives and other accessories Lajolo saw the light in 1828, and in 1850 was invented shape folding knife, which is used to this day. Year after year, the popularity of the company's products increased, so since 1930 the brand is launching a blade products, including corkscrews, and opens a plant in Thiers, located 150 km from Lajolo. It is noteworthy that the knives and corkscrews company manufactured mainly by hand.

To protect its products from Chinese fakes, Laguiole hosts in it are two brand names that are found only on the corkscrews and knives of the brand.


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In our store you can buy accessories Laguiole, "Sommelier" Corkscrew l'Organique Rouge, price Laguiole, "Sommelier" Corkscrew l'Organique Rouge — 23 476 rub.. Producer accessories Laguiole. Delivery Laguiole, "Sommelier" Corkscrew l'Organique Rouge.