Beer "La Trappe" Blond, 0.75 L

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Reviews of purchase "La Trappe" Blond, 0.75 L

Tasting Notes


Beer golden brown.


Taste of beer a smooth, balanced, with delicate carbonization, hints of spices, apricots and other fruits, grains, yeast, fresh hops, caramel malt hints, sweet aftertaste.


The aroma of beer dense, rounded, moderately deep, sweet, with hints of banana, dark fruit, honey, yeast, subtle floral and herbaceous nuances hoppier.


Beer well as an aperitif, goes well with Thai cuisine, cheese (sharp, Edam, Feta), salads, fish.

Interesting Facts

"La Trappe" Blond - golden Trappist beer c rich fruity flavor. Taste of beer presented in a balanced combination of light, sweetish malt shades and soft hop bitterness, harmony between complexity and simplicity. As part of the beer - aromatic malt, Belgian Pils, Belgian yeast, hops Styrian Goldings are noble and East Kent Goldings. Spices in the creation of this beer is not involved, although the taste of beer impression of spicing.

The name "La Trappe" comes from the French abbey "Notre Dame de la Grande Trappe" in the Norman village of Solin la Trappe. After the persecution in the XIX century Trappist monks took refuge in the village of Berkel-Enschot in the Netherlands, in the province of Brabant. Here in 1881 on a plot of fertile land, which included several farm houses and a large barn for sheep, the abbey was founded Onze Lieve Vrouwe van Koningshoeven (Monastery of the Holy Virgin in Königshofen).

In 1884, the monks began to brew beer. Until now brewing within the walls of the Abbey adheres secular methods of manufacturing Trappist beer. At first beer was brewed only for the needs of the monks. But after the First World War, the demand for monastic beer rose sharply, prompting the need to modernize the brewery and built for him a new building. Brewery called Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven. In 1950, Trappist monks began to produce lemonade, in 1959 when the brewery was opened laboratory, and in 1967 commissioned new storage tanks for fermentation and maturation of beer.

The trademark "La Trappe" appeared in 1980, after the decision on the production of beer fermented exclusively. Basis for the creation of this beer served brewing techniques and recipes of the 1950s. Innovation affected not only the marketing policy in 1989 was commissioned a new brewery.

Koningshoeven Brewery is one of seven of the existing 175 Trappist monasteries (six - in Belgium - one in the Netherlands), who have the right to use the name "Trappist" for its beer. To this must be met certain number of rules: the beer is brewed within the walls of the Abbey Trappist monks themselves or under their control; the purpose of the brewery should not be making a profit, and the proceeds used for the maintenance of the monks and the abbey and for charity and social work.


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