Beer "La Guillotine", 0.33 L

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RB 74
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Reviews of purchase "La Guillotine", 0.33 L

Tasting Notes


Beer light golden color with a large white froth.


Sleek, slim, unique, complex flavor of the beer consists of sweetish notes of malt and fruit shades barley grass, nice hop bitterness.


Light aroma of beer filled with tones of barley, herbs, citrus and yeast.


Beer can be used both as an aperitif and digestif, in combination with meat, game and salmon.

Interesting Facts

Excellent strong Belgian ale "La Guillotine", released in 1989 for the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution - a very popular drink in many countries around the world. Beer is produced by secondary secondary fermentation in the bottle. Through the use of a part of three beer hops - Saaz, Brewers Gold and Amarillo, drink has an exquisite fragrant bouquet with notes of citrus and herbs and complex taste with a noticeable hop bitterness.

Breweries in the Belgian town of Appelhuk began to engage more in 1654. Local brewery became the ancestor of the famous brewery Hёyge future. In 1906 the plant was bought Leon Hёyge settled here and renamed it the "Brouwerij-Mouterij den Appel". After World War I the plant needed reconstruction, and Leon Hёyge decided to build a new building for the brewery, where the plant is located so far. Updates touched and internal arrangement (the old brewhouse is still the pride of the brewery), and the name change - in 1938 it was changed to "Leon Huyghe Ltd".

The first beer that has brought success brewery became lager "Golden Kenya", which won numerous awards and titles. Since 1948, the brewery started producing water and lemonade under the brand name "Mell's Drinks".

In the 60 years the brewery significantly expanding its production, launches a modern bottling line and a new type of beer - "Eigerbrau". 70s made their adjustments in the marketing policy of the brewery: a reorientation with pubs and petty traders beer on the large establishments (restaurants, social service agencies, railways, etc.), where the brewery can provide the full range of their products - from beer to lemonades.

Restructuring of the company accompanied by a significant financial investment, which led to refocus on the issue of different beers fermented. By the end of the 80s in the line of the plant were "Delirium Tremens" and "La Guillotine". In 1992 was founded "The Brotherhood pink elephant" ("Confrerie of the pink Elephant"), whose task was to promote a beer under the name "Delirium" and other beers. Also brewery Hёyge bought brewery "Campus", the monastery brewery "St. Idesbald" "Vieille Viyers" and "Dami". In 1993 he published a range of fruit lambics "Floris".

The year 2000 was a year of large-scale works on the reconstruction of the enterprise, upgrade facilities and installation of new tanks for fermentation. Constant expansion of the export market and a significant increase in sales reached the mark fairy output of 100 000 hectoliters.


  • Serving temperature: 5-10°C
  • Composition: Grain mix, Hop
  • Technology maturation: Bottle Conditioning
  • Type of container: Bottle
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