Wine "La Cacciatora" Chianti DOCG, 2014

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Reviews of purchase "La Cacciatora" Chianti DOCG, 2014

Tasting Notes


Young wine has an intense ruby ​​red color that changes to garnet with aging.


Taste wine, dry, full-bodied, expressive, with bright fruit shades, pleasant acidity and light tannins.


Bunch of wine, clean and fresh, fruity flavors disclosed, which are dominated by shades of cherry.


Wine is the perfect accompaniment sharp soups, appetizers, pasta, red meat, cheese, vegetarian dishes.

Interesting Facts

Brand "La Cacciatori" seeks to preserve ancient traditions of Italian winemaking, introducing wine varietal composition of which is typical for a specific region of Italy. Each bottle of wine - a unique taste and aroma of a piece of Italy from the Alps to Sicily, who carefully preserved for connoisseurs of fine wine.

Barbera d'Asti - the most well-known and popular wine region of Asti in northwest Italy. In 1970, the region received category DOC, and in 2008 was promoted to the status of the category DOCG. Barbera d'Asti All wines are made from red grapes Barbera - indigenous to Italy, which in today's time is a favorite wine of the region. Barbera wines from different expressive fruit shades, pleasant acidity and light, but noticeable tannins.

Producer's description

The history of the winery Caldirola began in 1897 with a small village in the commune of osteria Missaglia, north of Milan. Now here is the headquarters of the company. By the end of the 40s Ferdinando Kaldirola with his son Gaetano Oster turned into a major commercial center for the sale of wine. In the 60s began bottling Gaetano Piedmont and Lombard wine under his own name. In the seventies of the XX century part of the permanent production infrastructure Kaldirola becomes Gattinara winery in the province of Vercelli. There are wines of the natural process of fermentation. Gradually developing, farm Kaldirola significantly increases the range of wines, renowned for high quality at a reasonable price. Today there are almost all regions of southern Italy - from Piedmont to Tuscany, from Sicily to Abruzzo. Large-scale retail trade becomes a good opportunity to make significant changes in production processes. In the nineties Caldirola access to foreign markets. In the XXI century entrepreneurial company has made significant progress. Was started exports to Asia and America, and the number of wine brands produced under eighteen.


  • Color depth: saturated
  • Body/Saturation: average
  • Serving temperature: 16–18 °С
  • Website:
In our store you can buy wine "La Cacciatora" Chianti DOCG, 2014, price "La Cacciatora" Chianti DOCG, 2014 — 603 rub.. Producer wine Caldirola. Delivery "La Cacciatora" Chianti DOCG, 2014.