Beer "Krusovice" 10° Poradna Desitka, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Krusovice" 10° Poradna Desitka, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer golden brown.


Beer has a refreshing, balanced taste, which can be felt and sweetish malt notes at the beginning and follow them hop bitterness, acidity and freshness of the yeast herbs.


The aroma is dominated by notes of malt beer and herbs, there are nuances of hops.


Beer goes well with curries, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, cheeses, including blue.

Interesting Facts

"Krusovice" 10 ° Poradna Desitka - balanced, refreshing lager beer, which is produced at the modern high-tech equipment from natural, traditional Krushovitse for raw materials: quality Czech malt, spring water from the Křivoklát forests and hops from the area.

The history of the brewery Krušovice started in the XVI century. It was founded in 1517 in the same village, near the town of Rakovnik. In 1583, the owner had already very famous brewery - a Jiri Birka sold it to King of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. Since then, the brewery became known as the Royal. Of course, to engage in a brewery was once the king, but it is known that he was ordered to find Brewing clean source of its own Krivoklatsko forests, and regularly asked him to deliver to the court a few barrels of beer, thereby producing a kind of "quality control".

In subsequent years, the brewery changed hands many times, which is not very favorable effect on its development. The turning point came in 1773, when Krushovitse fell into the hands of the princely family of Swabia Furstenberg, who owned it until 1942 and raised production at a very high level, modernizing the brewery, significantly increasing the volume and to export not only in other cities of the Czech Republic, but also to Germany. In 1891, the brewery Krušovice was awarded a gold medal at the Jubilee Industrial Exhibition in Prague.

After the Second World War in 1945, the company was nationalized by the state. Only in 1992 Krushovitse became a joint stock company, and established the first Czech production line of beer in kegs allowed to start production of beer for export to the US and the UK. Since 2007 Krushovitse owned international corporation Heineken International today produces 10 million dal of beer per year, delivering it in more than 30 countries.


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