Beer "Kronenbourg 1664" Blanc, 0.46 L

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Reviews of purchase "Kronenbourg 1664" Blanc, 0.46 L

Tasting Notes


Beer frosted pale yellow color with a rich white froth.


Crisp, fresh, dry, smooth taste of beer a beautiful malt notes, nuances of herbs, bread, grain, biscuit. The finish is refreshing, clean.


Amazing flavor beer reveals tones of citrus, orange and lemon peel, sweet tones of wheat, bread yeast nuances and soft floral notes of hops on the finish.


Beer goes well with poultry, fish, shellfish, snacks.

Interesting Facts

"Kronenbourg 1664" Blanc - light wheat beer class "super premium" real French unfiltered ale. The recipe of this beer was used in the XIII century. Today brewers use for its manufacturing equipment, but stick to the traditional technologies. Beer is brewed from drinking purified water, light barley malt, wheat, caramel, spices (orange peel, coriander) and one of the best varieties of hops Alsatian Strisselspalt, which will drink exquisite flavor. In order to fully appreciate the clean refreshing taste of beer it is recommended to drink chilled to a temperature of 3 ° C.

In Russia, "Kronenbourg 1664" Blanc began producing in 2008 at the plant Brewing Company "Baltika". This beer is the most expensive brand in the company's portfolio.

Oldest brewery was founded in France Kronenbourg Jerome Ott in Strasbourg in 1664. Today, in an old brewery building is the headquarters of the company, and for the factory 40 years ago, built a new complex on the outskirts of Strasbourg, Obernai. The plant is the largest in France and one of the largest in Europe. It occupies 70 hectares with a production capacity of 7.5 million hectoliters.

In 1994, the first brewery Kronenbourg in France is certified to ISO 9002, and in 1998 for the first time in the world was certified ISO 14001. The brewery has its own Research and Development Center. Today Kronenbourg is a subsidiary of Carlsberg Group. In 2011, the Danish band has sold about 120 million hectoliters of beer "Kronenbourg" in the amount of 8.5 billion. Euro.


In our store you can buy beer "Kronenbourg 1664" Blanc, 0.46 L, price "Kronenbourg 1664" Blanc, 0.46 L — 150 rub.. Producer beer Carlsberg Group. Delivery "Kronenbourg 1664" Blanc, 0.46 L.