Beer Krombacher, Weizen, 0.33 L

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Reviews of purchase Krombacher, Weizen, 0.33 L

Tasting Notes


Beer golden brown.


Beer taste fresh, balanced, smooth, with characteristic bitterness of wheat, hints of fruit (banana, citrus), spices (cloves), bread with butter, smoke, dry finish.


In a pleasant hop aroma of beer felt notes of banana, citrus, cloves and cardamom, the nuances of smoke.


Beer goes well with German cuisine, cheeses, salads, fish or poultry, shellfish.

Interesting Facts

Weizen from the brewery Krombacher - Excellent light Wheat Beer, rich taste which has characteristic sharp wheat notes, hints of fruit and spice. The process of beer production saves not only natural shades of wheat, but also vitamins, proteins and minerals. Used for brewing the purest spring water from a mountain stream, filtered in a natural way through the multiple layers of rocks and has a unique taste and high quality hops and wheat, which is grown in their own fields of the plant.

Documents show that the beer was brewed in the town of Krombach already in 1300, although some sources say about the earlier date. The official date of the creation of the brewery Krombacher considered in 1803. At first it was a small family brewery that has quickly gained a reputation for good beer, and the glory of it spread far beyond the small town of Krombach.

The rapid development of rail transport routes in the middle of the XIX century, a favorable impact on exports of beer in different regions and the expansion of sales territories. By the beginning of the XX century, the surviving descriptions, Krombacher Brewery was very well equipped. During the Great Patriotic War of the production capacity was destroyed, and beer production is significantly reduced. But after the war Krombacher quickly recovered. Continuous investment in technological innovation allowed Krombacher always be in the forefront of brewing.

By 1990, the line has been crossed 2 million hectoliters of annual production, and in 2004 - 5 million. The company does not stop in the development, developing new products, packaging, production methods. Since 2009, Krombacher is the official partner of the German Football League.


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