"Kremlin Award", gift box with 2 glasses


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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of vodka and 2 stacks
Bottle volume: 700 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: black

"Kremlin Award" - a classic Russian vodka recipe which has been developed in the laboratory of JSC "Moscow Plant" Crystal ", and bottling is carried out of the plant in a special shop" Crystal ", the tradition and the newest equipment that provide consistently high quality products, this drink is a premium. "presented by the management of the Russian Federation Presidential affairs in 2012, specially created for high-end events. Vodka "Kremlin Award" is served at a reception in the Kremlin, where the first person in the country are present.
"Kremlin Award" - is a truly unique product, harmoniously combining in itself innovation and loyalty to ancient traditions. Vodka is made from a special infusion of oat flakes, spring artesian water, held a multi-treatment system, as well as the finest spirits from special wheat varieties with the highest levels of quality and organoleptic properties.

Vodka "Kremlin Award", in the year of the sale received the Grand Prix at the "Prodexpo-2012" exhibition, holds the title of "Purveyors to the Kremlin" - it is the guarantor of its great taste, unforgettable flavor and excellent quality. If you want to treat yourself to this vodka - choose "Kremlin Award": such a refined and exclusive embodiment of Russian traditions will leave a good impression on its use!

Producer's description

The history of the Kristall factory began in 1901, when the most powerful and large-scale enterprise for the production of alcoholic beverages was established on the bank of the Yauza - the Moscow State Wine Warehouse No.1. The first assortment of the plant included only three types of vodka, which were named "Simple", "Improved" and "Boyar". Over time, in addition to vodka, the plant began to produce more "higher purification" wines. The successful development of the plant continued until October 1914, when a "dry law" was introduced in connection with the military operations that had begun in the country. Production resumed in 1925, and the first vodka, released from the conveyor after the abolition of the "dry law", was Rykovka, which received its name in honor of the Minister of Economics Rykov. Since 1953, the factory began to produce vodka "Stolichnaya" - a brand that has become not just a legend, but also a kind of "visiting card" of Russian vodkas.

Its current name, "Crystal", the plant received in 1987, and in 1993 the company received the status of an open joint-stock company. Since 2009, the plant is actively growing and developing, equipped with new bottling areas and new workshops. Today, most of the products of JSC "Moscow plant" Kristall "is produced on the production site of a distillery in Korystovo, which joined the enterprise in 1998 as an affiliate. The plant's products are regularly awarded high marks by experts and awards at domestic and international competitions.

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