"Kir Royale" (Fragola & Prosecco), gift box

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Interesting Facts

The kit includes 2 bottles: Prosecco "Feudo dei Chelti" and strawberry liqueur "Fragola"
The volume of the bottle: 700 and 750 ml
Cardboard box

Luxurious, romantic gift set "Kir Royale", created specially for Valentine's Day, includes an amazing strawberry liqueur from Bepi Tosolini and dry sparkling wine Prosecco from Feudo dei Chelti. Each of the drinks is fine in itself. Liqueur with whole strawberries charms seductive aroma and taste as if freshly picked ripe wild berries, warmed by the summer sun. Not looking for a special presentation Italian Prosecco mesmerizing golden color with brilliant playing small bubbles.

The contrast of sweet strawberry flavor and dry Prosecco gave the idea to create a wonderful cocktail "Kir Imperial": a glass of champagne is poured strawberry liqueur and topped up to the top of the dry sparkling wine. This cocktail - a real "Strawberry Kiss" for all lovers! Refreshments will be exquisite dessert of ice cream and strawberries drizzled with strawberry liqueur and served with a glass of Prosecco. Treat yourself and a loved one!

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