Cognac "Kastel" 5 stars, 0.5 L

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Tasting Notes


Drink deep amber-gold color.


Cognac is a sophisticated, rich, soft, extractive, slightly buttery taste with pleasant nuances of vanilla.


Elegant, ethereal aroma of cognac reveals notes of vanilla and flowers.


This cognac is the perfect digestif.

Interesting Facts

"Kastel 5 stars" - from elegant brandy factory "Maglev" created by traditional, century-old technology. It is produced from grape spirits aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years. At the heart of cognac - grape varieties Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc and Colombard grown in the valleys of the Crimea on the clay soil. After harvesting berries, they are subjected to the process of pressing, and then - fermentation. Double distillation allows you to extract from the berries of all the best quality and aromatic flavoring greater saturation. Extended aging in oak barrels gives the drink a vanilla tone and beautiful amber color. Cognac "Kastel 5 stars" won the silver medal at the competition "Interdrinks" in 2008.
Brand name "Castel" has its historical roots. It is this name is one of the most beautiful of the Crimean mountains not far from Alushta. Once upon a rock fortress located Queen Theodora - Lady Sugden. It is here to escape the onslaught and reflecting the Genoese, she tragically died trying to protect his people. This story is painted in crimson tones, is reflected in the reddish coloration of the mountains. At the foot of the Castel is located basement brandy factory "Maglev". Cognac line "Castel" if absorbed the refinement of the Queen Feorory, warmth with which she fought for his people, and strength of the rock Castel. Each sip of the drink if keeps a piece of a multi-faceted, complex, legendary history of the Crimea. To create a cognac "Castel" uses a unique water taken from the purest sources beating from the eponymous mountain. To develop the recipe worked professionals Cognac crafts - from the French company "Distillerie Tessendier & Fils" and experts "Maglev".

It is the "Castel Seaside", now known as the "Professor's Corner", was founded by Alexander Golubev Efimovichem. In 28 years, received a large inheritance, he decides to take wine - to bring plants from France itself, digging cellars for storing wine future. But the complexities of which came the civil war have left their mark - many recipes for wine and brandy were lost, and the winery destroyed. Past heritage, thanks to the great desire and great efforts, has been restored. In 2006, the land became the property of OOO "Maglev". Managed to revive some of the recipes so precious professor Golubev and fully modernized production facilities.
The history of wine and brandy factory "Maglev" dates back to 1876. For almost half a century of existence, the farm "Maglev" experienced many ups and downs - the reorganization of the farm, the ruin after the revolution in 1917. But in 2006 it was rebuilt and today has every right to be called one of the most professional companies in the field of wine-making in Ukraine. Using Swiss copper and Other, imported equipment from Europe, cooperation with well-known foreign brands and continuously striving to develop, make "Maglev" company keeps pace with the times and able to compete with the best foreign brands.


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