Vodka Kalinka Export, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Kalinka Export, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Vodka transparent color.


The taste of vodka noble, refined, finished, classic, balanced, with sweetish tones.


Vodka with the scent of apples, viburnum berries and fresh mint, barely perceptible sound of citrus notes and honey.


Drink vodka in pure form. It is appropriate to apply the exquisite delicacies and famous Russian pickles.

Interesting Facts

Vodka Kalinka Export - a combination of pure alcohol Suite, infusion viburnum berries, apples and golden Russian fresh mint. Apples give the drink a sweet flavor and blend perfectly with the classic balanced taste. Viburnum berries and natural honey gives vodka a subtle aroma, softness and subtle aftertaste. Alcohol obtained by distillation of environmental technologies. The technology of mixing raw grain. Used grain of spring wheat harvest only one year and the water with impurities of silver, which is extracted at a depth of 40 meters. Vodka is carefully filtered through natural materials, which gives it a wonderful softness. Kalinka Vodka Export - the embodiment of Russian traditions and modern technologies distillation.

Kalinka Vodka Export awarded a silver medal at the International Wine Competition and spirits: «International Wine & Spirit Competition» 2012.

Expert opinion: "Almost a neutral odor, with a barely perceptible sound citrus notes. Traced lighter shades of cream and hops, → flavor richness rarely found in a pure vodka. Noble, refined, finished taste. "


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