"Jim Beam", metal box with 2 glasses


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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of whiskey and two glasses
Bottle Volume: 700 ml
Cardboard box
Color box: White

A set consisting of a bottle of whiskey "Jim Beam" volume of 700 ml and two glasses will be ideal present to a friend, employee or friend.

Jim Beam (Jim Beam), perhaps, be called the most popular and best-known bourbon in the world. Bourbon whiskey is traditionally called, are produced in the United States, as well as the main raw material used corn - the good, grow more than half of the global harvest of cereals in the United States. To corn turned into magnificent temples, including chase alcohol, which is then aged in oak casks, previously well-baked inside. It is interesting that the very first barrel of Jim Beam was performed on a sample, without much hope of success. It happened in Kentucky in 1795, and is the founder of the brand Jacob Beam. At that time in the drink had a different name, which did not make it to this day. Whiskey current name after one of the descendants of Jacob, whose name was well - Jim Beam. So Jacob presented his compatriots invented a drink. And created a furore! New temples are not just come to taste connoisseurs of spirits, but immediately gained tremendous popularity. This is not surprising, because the production technology ensures the Bourbons original and unique taste.

Producer's description

Jim Beam - a world famous company, whose history is linked with the name of Jacob Beam, began to produce an amber-colored whiskey from the milled grain corn, rye and malt. This drink is called "bourbon" at the place where it was produced for the first time - Kentucky Bourbon County.
Jacob Beam sold his first barrel of bourbon in 1795. For more than 200 years, Jim Beam continues to follow the rich tradition of passing the recipe magnificent temples from generation to generation.
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