Jean Fillioux, Selected Single Cask Cognac "Cask No 73", 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Jean Fillioux, Selected Single Cask Cognac "Cask No 73", 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Cognac color of dark amber.


In cognac live, fresh, complex flavor, which consists of shades of candied fruit, orange cake with spicy cloves and hot pepper from Madagascar.


Cognac reveals aromas of ripe fruits, fresh flowers, honeysuckle and citrus, light notes of biscuit.


Cognac is a great digestif, perfect for a variety of desserts, coffee, chocolate, fruit and, of course, cigars.

Interesting Facts

"Brandy, my friend, you have to please the eye." - "And then?" - "Then he breathed." - "And then?" - "He reverently put on the table, not tasted." - "And? .." - "For a long time talking about him" ... (From the dialogue Charles Talleyrand and Joseph Fouche).

Selected Single Cask Cognac "Cask No 73" - brandy, stood in a barrel for 39 years, all of this barrel was produced 540 bottles of unique luxury cognac, each bottle is individually numbered! Cognac was bottled in July 2012.
At the time of bottling Jean Pascal Fiyu (Pascal Jean Fillioux), the owner and master of de SHE (maitre de chais) Brandy House Jean Fillioux, gave this cognac following characteristics: "This Cognac Grande Champagne was created from grapes harvested and distilled many years ago; designed in a cool, dark cellar in French oak barrels loose structure, light roasting. Superbly balanced bouquet with floral and fruity aromas of honeysuckle and citrus, with subtle, subtle notes of freshly baked biscuit Genoa. The taste bouquet is fresh, lively and at the same time complex . When tasting appear appetizing aroma of orange cake and candied fruit. Very long aftertaste with spicy notes of cloves and hot pepper from Madagascar. "

Jean Fillioux House is considered one of the most conservative, strictly observant cognac producers and brand Jean Fillioux referred to nadkommercheskim brands. Family secret Fiyu simple and convincing - from generation to generation the knowledge in this area, do not miss the finer nuances at every stage of production - from the preparation and firing of oak barrels, which kept spirits up thinking through smart, become a content package. Packaging design is personally involved spouse Pascal Fiyu - Monique Fiyu. Manor La Pouyade Fiyu belongs to the family since 1894. It occupies 22 hectares of the most beautiful and typical of the Grande Champagne soil Zhuyak Le Coq. Its current owner, Pascal Fiyu, is the fourth generation of a dynasty cognac producers. This is a very sincere and open person, experience and knowledge that is competitive, following the tradition of his ancestors, he instilled a culture of achievement of the highest quality at all stages of production of its cognacs and personally supervises all processes.

Brandy, which is produced there, has a rare delicacy, the best balance in the classroom Premier Cru and expressive complex aroma. Believe that Pascal's best "nose" in the family, and to his work, he is very serious: no bottle of brandy is not sent to the buyer without full control of Pascal Fiyu from the vine to the label on the bottle. Real and absolute master of cognac production, and its cognac - true masterpieces for the most sophisticated and discerning connoisseurs. It should be noted that since the founding of the company Henessy, the world's largest producer of cognac, post Maitre de Chais, which translates as "cellar master", ie the person responsible for the creation of cognac, it was occupied by members of the genus Fiyu.
Floral, fruity, rich, complex, powerful, elegant, with a long finish - a list of adjectives can go on, but sometimes any description powerless over brandy Jean Fillioux.
Cognac Jean Fiyu - the best gift for the true connoisseurs! Pleasure and fireworks senses, touch the legend!

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