Cognac Jean Fillioux Millesime 1991, gift box, 0.7 L

12 610 rub.
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Reviews of purchase Jean Fillioux Millesime 1991, gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Cognac color amber sun.


Cognac has a fresh, spicy flavor with hints of sweet fruit (apricot, peach) and caramel notes.


Bouquet of cognac is made up of complex aromas in which there are notes of mint, fresh cut grass, dried flowers and lime green.


Cognac goes well with a cigar and coffee.

Interesting Facts

Cognac Jean Fillioux Millesime 1991 created from Ugni Blanc grapes harvested and processed in the Grande Champagne. For aging cognac used French oak barrels, set in the deep, cold cellars. Cognac is rich, buttery, lively taste with a long soft finish.

Brandy Dynasty Fillioux has four generations. Honore Fiyu - founder of the family business, laid in the Grande Champagne vineyards back in the early 1880s. In 1894 Honore Fiyu acquired family estate La Pouyade, in the vicinity of the town of Juillac Le Coq. More than twenty acres of the best land in the Grande Champagne allowed his son Jean, after whom is named House, to continue his father's work. In turn, his son Michel (Michel) handed over the reins to his son Pascal Jean (Jean Pascal Fiyu), who now heads a family business. Thus, from generation to generation are high-range cognacs of exceptional quality, carefully accounted for the smallest nuances at every stage of production - from the preparation and firing of oak barrels, which kept spirits, thinking through to luxurious and elegant packaging.

It is interesting that since the founding of the company Henessy, the world's largest producer of cognac, post Maitre de Chais ("cellar master", responsible for the creation of cognacs) it was occupied by members of the genus Fiyu. The current head of the House - Pascal Fiyu creates cognac, which has a rare delicacy, best-in-class balanced and expressive, complex flavor. None bottle of cognac is not sent to the consumer without full control of Pascal Fiyu. This is a true and absolute master of brandy production, the creator in his work; his cognac - true masterpieces for the most sophisticated and discerning connoisseurs. Packaging design is personally involved spouse Pascal Fiyu - Monique Fiyu.

The range of the House Fiyu you will not find the standard VS and VSOP cognac Gamma House opens eight La Pouyade, named after the family estate. Followed by Jean Fillioux Napoleon (10 years), Cep D'Or (12-13 years) and Star Gormet (18), released in honor of the millennium. Three very old cognac houses (27 years) issued with the same period of exposure, but in a different style. Tres Vieux - in the classic bottle, XO Imperial - in a crystal decanter elegant fine work of "Villeroy & Boch". The third kind - XO Moulin Rouge, named after the famous variety show. House produces and older cognacs: Cigar Club and Expert Collection aged 30 years, Selected Single Cask - 37 years, and assemblage Reserve Familiale consists of cognac extracts from 50 to 70 years. The oldest cognac houses - Jean Fillioux Millesime 1924.


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