Cognac Jean Fillioux Millesime 1924, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Jean Fillioux Millesime 1924, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Cognac is amber in color with a reddish-golden sheen.


Cognac Millezium 1924 has a rich, deep flavor with amazing flavors of fruit, orange marmalade, candy. Incredibly long finish with hints of rancio.


Cognac has a luxurious scent with aromas of prunes, old port, marsala, barely perceptible smell the roses


Goes well with a cigar, coffee, with traditional dishes offered to the brandy.

Interesting Facts

The oldest cognac houses - Jean Fillioux Millesime 1924. He stands alone, the 83-year-old cognac - the fruits of labor, creative inspiration, the embodiment of the soul of three generations of family Fiyu. Truly magic, this incomprehensible "alchemy" between the earth, wood, cognac and air, and all that - in silence and dimness of old cognac cellars ... The grapes were harvested in 1924, and in the autumn of the same year, the fermented wine has undergone distillation. That was when my grandfather the current owner of the house. While current owner Pascal Fiyu not yet born. When Pascal started to work in the House - in 1972, he has consistently explored all cognacs kept in the ancient cellars of the estate, and almost every day, watching their development, which continues to do to this day. Pascal Fiyyu not a big supporter of manufacturing millezimnyh cognacs. He prefers assamblirovat alcohols of different years, thus creating a harmonious, complex and aromatic brandy. But sometimes, he said, the barrel is a "real miracle," and it just refers to the barrel in 1924
Having spent in the barrel 54, Cognac in 1978, according to Pascal Fiyyu reached that wonderful state when it detects a bunch of perfect harmony of aromas and flavors, and was recast in large glass bottles - in the so-called dame-jeanne (literally - " Lady Jeanne, "so long been jokingly referred to as the large glass bottles of 30 liters). All vintage 1924 will fit in a 21 bottle. In bottles dame-jeanne cognac completely ceases its development and can be kept in a "dormant" state for a long time, keeping all his qualities. The bottles were stored in the far corner of the basement of the old - the traditional brandy cellar, not too dry, not too wet. We can say that the old cognac "asleep", like Sleeping Beauty, in the silence and darkness of the old cellar. Only almost 30 years later, Pascal Fiyu decided to bottle this very old cognac.
Almost immediately it was completely sold out, and the family Fiyu retained only a few bottles for the collection, presents the history of the House. This is a truly unique product, because after it was bottled last dame-jeanne, such cognac will never be. Stocks of this unique cognac is very small.
Each bottle Jean Fillioux Millesime 1924 numbered more attached to the neck of oval label with the signature of the owner of the house. The bottle is packed in a cylindrical box veneered cherry. Gorgeous, beautiful and harmonious brandy gives a sense of communion to something eternal and ineffable beauty! Jean Fillioux Millesime 1924 - an excellent gift to the collection Connoisseur!



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