Whisky "Jura Superstition", 350 ml

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Reviews of purchase "Jura Superstition", 350 ml

Tasting Notes


Whiskey rich golden amber color.


Deep and sophisticated at the same time the taste of whiskey with notes of spices, honey, pine needles, peat and nuances of cinnamon, coffee beans and chocolate. The finish is very long, velvet.


The aroma of whiskey full, thick, soft, fruity and slightly sweet, promising sweetness on the palate, with hints of marzipan and honey.


Manufacturer recommends to use this whiskey cold evening in conjunction with arbrotskimi smoked, chocolate-orange cake, smoked salmon or salty chocolate.

Interesting Facts

Magnificent temples "Jura Superstition" is a sensational, perfect harmonious, absolutely perfect drink with innovative flavor. He will delight gourmets comes to life in a glass of honey, peat and pine shades, staying in a unique balance with each other. This incredible result was achieved through a combination of blended whiskey "Superstishn" two kinds of alcohol, taken in equal proportions (50/50). The first - a daring, strong, peat derived from barley, malting is produced in the island "peat" style. The second - "netorfyanoy, warm and delicate, coming from select seasoned malt alcohols. High quality, young and aged in barrels of bourbon to 21 years distillates are composed in a unique combination with its unique taste.
"Jura Superstishn" has won the title of "Whiskey of the Year 2012" by Whisky Shop, two gold medals from the Institute of Expertise of alcoholic beverages in 2012 (BTI 2012 Awards) and the International Spirits Competition in San Francisco in 2012 (SFWSC 2012 Awards) .

In the name of "Superstishn" ("Superstition") manufacturer invests deeper meaning. On the island of Jura, a lot of superstitions: for example, in any case does not cut the turf until May or always put hay in stack clockwise. But superstition, according to the manufacturer - is not prejudice, these are stories that are passed on from generation to generation. Masters' Isle of Jura "wanted to taste whiskey" Superstition "was as rich as their history, and the drink itself personified fascinating world of legends and traditions. That is why the front of the bottle is depicted ancient Egyptian cross (Ankh), which is considered a symbol of good luck in the Western Isles.

On the cross, by the way, is one more superstition, according to which the bartender can not open a new bottle of whiskey "Jura Superstition", this right is granted to customers who ordered whiskey. At the same time, opening the bottle, it is necessary so strongly pressed her hands to the cross, that he imprinted on the skin. Empty bottle of "Jura Superstition" You can throw only after it will be removed from the Ankh, which then must be attached to the bar.
Take away the bottle, "Jura Superstishn", press the center of the palm to the Egyptian cross - say, then you must be lucky. At least, with a choice of whiskey!

Isle of Jura is known for its wildlife, and the beauty of the scenery. His soft peaty water is good for making whiskey, and warm air drying contributes to a soft malt. Plant "Isle of Jura" was built in 1810 in a cave in the village of smugglers Kreyhaus. In 1875 it was purchased and renovated James Ferguson and his sons. Due to the downturn in the economy plant was closed, and he was inactive until the mid XX century. In the 50s, two local residents - Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith decided to restore the factory in order to attract new residents to the island and provide jobs. The plant was reopened in 1963. Distiller and architect Delm Evans (Delme Evans), who helped restore the factory suggested a high stills that allow you to create light and rather eclectic mixture of malt. The taste of whiskey receive individual and unique. "Isle of Jura" uses in its production exclusively new barrels of American white oak barrels are sometimes taken out of sherry. Since 1994, the plant owned by the company "Whyte & Mackay", in the line of the plant - 7 whiskeys.
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