Grappa "Il Merlot di Nonino" Monovitigno, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "Il Merlot di Nonino" Monovitigno, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Grappa pure transparent color.


Grappa has an elegant, soft, full-bodied taste.


In the delicate flavor of grappa present shades of roses, cherries and grapes.


Grappa is an excellent digestif, as well as a perfect accompaniment to desserts. It is recommended to add when cooking risotto and grilled meat.

Interesting Facts

Elegant, soft grappa "Il Merlot di Nonino" Monovitigno is another superb creation of the Italian company Nonino. The fermentation of fresh pomace Merlot grapes took place in steel tanks. Extract also carried out in steel tanks for 6-12 months. A feature of this remarkable production of grappa are special alambiki intermittent, upgraded Benito Nonino. The process itself takes place in them slowly enough to have time to select and condense the necessary fraction responsible for the richness of flavor and aroma of the future of grappa.

The family Nonino (Nonino) knows the art of distillation since 1897. The founder of the distillery is Orazio Nonino. Top quality products, stylish packaging, a unique range of rich family values, innovation and research - these are the main principles of a successful business family Nonino.
In 1973, Benito and Dzhannola Nonino revolutionized the production of grappa and positioning not only in Italy but throughout the world. They created odnosortovuyu Monovitigno grappa by distilling grape pomace Picolit. The success was so great that most Italian and foreign distillers were forced to follow the pattern Nonino.
In 1977 was established literary prize Nonino. Awarding takes place in January of each year, on it there are representatives of culture and industry professionals, the jury is attended by famous people, some of whom are Nobel Prize winner.

1984 was a turning point for Benito and Dzhannoly continuously conducts research in the field of distillation. By distillation of whole grapes was created distillate ÙE®. By special request of representatives Nonino they receive Ministerial approval for the production of grape distillate. In December of the same year, a precious collection of products Nonino starts bottled by well-known companies - Baccarat, Riedel and Venini.
After many years of research conducted with honey - a product which in ancient times was considered a miracle of nature, in 2000 Benito Dzhannola, Christina, Antonella and Elisabetta Nonino presented Gioiello® - distillate created from natural honey. In 2002, the family Nonino Prize is awarded "Wine Oscars" awarded by the Italian Sommelier Asootsiatsiey. This prize was awarded for outstanding work Nonino to improve the true Italian beverage, as well as for high quality, research and experimentation. In 2003, Benito and Dzhannola awarded the prestigious Leonardo Prize for Italian Quality. In 2009, the prize was awarded Dzhannola International Eve Prize 2009 "Entrepreneur of the Year."

Nonino distillery respects tradition and skill, the family personally follow each step in the process of distillation that guarantees the highest quality. Today, in the cellars of the distillery is located about one and a half thousand small barrels, preserving precious distillates. Barrels are made of different wood: Nevers, Limousin, Gresin and barrels of sherry made from acacia, oak and cherry.


  • Serving temperature: 10-12°C
  • Website:
  • Class: Young
  • Type: Mono-Varieta
  • Grape varieties: Merlot
  • Cask type: Stainless Steel Casks
  • Exposure: 6-12 months
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