Beer "Historic Ales from Scotland", gift set (4 bottles), 0.33 L

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Reviews of purchase "Historic Ales from Scotland", gift set (4 bottles), 0.33 L

Tasting Notes


Beer "Fraoch", "Alba", "Grozet" amber, "Ebulum" is almost black.


On the palate "Grozet" soft notes of caramel malt combined with fruit astringency and sourness.

"Fraoch" has a balanced taste with floral, minty, grassy, ​​malty and spicy undertones.

Taste of beer "Alba" combines the sweet tones of caramel malt, fruit and pine trees.

On the palate "Ebulum" dominated by notes of roasted malt and bitter notes of elderberry.


The aroma of beer "Grozet" complex notes of honey, malt and fruit.

"Fraoch" demonstrates tone heather, malt, beautiful flower, mint and herbal notes.

Aroma "Ebulum" filled with rich shades of roasted malt, fruit and cocoa.

"Alba" has a beautiful fragrance with notes of wood (softwood), honey, sweet malt and herbs.


All beers are perfect as an aperitif, go well with salads, poultry, cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Beer kit "Historic Scottish Eli" consists of four bottles (4h0,33l) unique Scottish ale: "Fraoch" , "Alba", "Ebulum", "Grozet". Namely the production of ales, which began with the history of the brewery Williams Brothers, brought her immense popularity and worldwide recognition.

All ales created in the style of Scottish Gruit (Ancient herbal el). Gruit mainly brewed from herbs such as Scottish Sweet Gale (Gale Myrica, also known as Bog Myrtle), yarrow and rosemary. But it can be created and other herbs, spices and berries. There is also a group Gruit whose composition along with the basic herbs include ingredients such as heather, seaweed, pine, spruce and others. This ancient ale when used in large quantities can be quite intoxicating. It was designed to stimulate mental activity, induce euphoria and increase sexual desire.

Unique el "Fraoh" - heather ale, one of the oldest styles of beer on the ground, its history dates back to 2000 BC El "Fraoh" cooked the ancient Gaelic recipe "leann fraoich", fell into the hands of brewers Williams Brothers in 1988. The main ingredients are sweet ale Gail and blooming heather. Also, it is composed of three kinds of malt (British Pale Ale Malt, Cara Malt, Malted Wheat). Manufacturing technology ale is as follows: in boiling malt wort is added Gale grass and blooming heather, after a slight cooling is still hot ale is poured into the tank with fresh flowers heather and held for hours before fermentation.

Rich el "Alba" is created by the traditional recipe Highland, popular in the North of Scotland in the late XIX century. This "triple" spiced ale brewed from three malts, hops, First Gold, herbs and Bog Myrtle sprigs of spruce and pine collected in the spring.

Dark ale "Ebulum" - el elderberry, which became part of Celtic tradition. It was produced Welsh druids already in the IX century. El created by an ancient recipe of the XVI century. He brewed from roasted barley and chocolate malts and three varieties of malt (Maris Otter, Oats, Malted Wheat), aromatic hops First Gold, grass Bog Myrtle and elderberry.

"Grozet" - "the most matey beer", formerly the most popular beer in a Scottish bohemia. This refreshing ale filled with hints of being a part of gooseberry. Also used in cooking malt (Lager Malt, Malted Wheat), First Gold hops and grass Bog Myrtle.

Williams Brothers Brewery - "Williams Brothers" - has a very interesting history of creation. Once Bruce Williams, owner of a small family shop "Glenbrew" in Glasgow, came a lady who brought the recipe translation beer "Leanne Fraoch", which was passed in its Gaelic family from generation to generation. She wanted to recreate the historic production of beverage and learn how to brew beer. Bruce, based on this recipe, began to experiment with different mixtures of malt, the number of heather and the addition of other herbs, created as a result of the final version of "Fraoch" Heather Ale .

With this improved recipe Bruce went to a small brewery in Taynuilt, to produce the first experimental batches of heather ale "Fraoch". Production of a unique historical beer is highly dependent on the season harvesting heather, the demand was so high that the first batch has been completely sold out instantly. It is at this crucial early stage in the history of the brewery to Bruce joined his brother Scott.

After the second beer production "Fraoch", the brothers decided to expand the range of beers and started to develop four other historic Scottish ales, which are produced in a new, purpose-built brewery in Craigmill. It worked for Williams Brothers from 1998 to 2004.

In 2004, the brewery moved to the "Forth Brewery" in Alloa. In addition to traditional ales, it was decided to cook a variety of modern ales, the number of which in the end was more than 25. This led to the fact that today the Williams Brothers is regarded as one of the most eclectic Scottish companies for the production of beer. Assortment Williams earned the recognition of English ale lovers, as well as a large number of medals and awards at competitions CAMRA, SIBA, "Tesco", "Sainsbury's & The World Beer Cup".

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