Beer "Hertog Jan" Grand Prestige, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Hertog Jan" Grand Prestige, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer deep brown color with garnet and ruby ​​reflections.


Beer has a mild, sweet, full bodied with notes of brown sugar and caramel, subtle hints of banana and citrus fruits, later added to the deep notes of toast and coffee. The aftertaste is sweet, malty.


The aroma of beer opens with sweet tones of dark fruit, candied figs and plums, nuances of vanilla, caramel and chewing gum are balanced bitter lemon peel and hints of spice.


Beer goes well with barbecue, cheese (sharp, blue, cheddar, gorgonzola, Limburger), meat (beef, grilled meat).

Interesting Facts

Dark ale "Grand Prestige" - the pride of the Dutch brewery Hertog Jan, he was one of the first special drinks, cooked after the restoration of the brewery in 1980. Beer is created with the finest ingredients and is considered one of the most difficult of special beers in the Netherlands.

Strong Dutch el "Grand Prestige" generally resembles barley wine, and its full, mellow aroma el resonates with a good red wine. One of the features of ale "Grand Prestige" is a clear distinction between a bouquet of sweet and bitter notes.

Background brewery "Nertog Jan" started in 1914, when close to the village in the province of Limburg Arsene four brewer (Leopold Hoffman, Gerard van Dijk, August sravah and Gerard van Soest) have joined forces to brew the best beer. They created a brewery "Stoombier", equipped with its steam engine and began to brew bottom-fermented. Pilsner from "Stoombier" quickly became popular and spread throughout the country.

During the Second World War the building was severely damaged the brewery, and the crisis and the low sales forced the owners of the brewery in 1949 to sell all shares in the brewery plant "Three Horseshoes" of the city of Breda. In 1956 the old building of the brewery "Stoombier" was rebuilt and modernized. In 1968, the brewery bought the British band "Allied Breweries Limited", which in October 1980 to close the plant in connection with the internal reorganization.

In 1981, the brewery was opened under a new name - "Arcense Stoombier". And changing the style of the beer, now factory specializes in top-fermented beer. In the 80 years of the brewery products repeatedly took first place in the international beer competitions.

In 1993, the brewery was hit by floods after the flood of the river Meuse, but quickly recovered from the damage. In parallel with the repair were built new cellars, which allowed to brew beer bottom-fermented according to ancient traditions of the brewery. In 1993, the brewery became part of the Organization of the United Dutch Breweries, and in 1995 became part of the "Interbrew", which in 2004 merged with the company AmBev, forming a holding company "InBev".

In 1998, the brewery was renamed "Hertog Jan Brauerei" in honor of the Duke of Brabant, Jan, known as Jan I winner. He gained fame as one of the most influential and successful Dutch rulers of the second half of the XIII century. Today beer under the brand name "Hertog Jan" exported worldwide. The range of the company consists of 11 main varieties and 7 seasonal and special.

Producer's description

"Chernigov" - the first and only beer in Ukraine, which was held environmental certification according to ISO 14024 and received international certificate of the Center for Environmental certification and labeling NGO "Living Planet", which is recognized in 68 leading countries of the world and Europe.
This certificate confirms that ekopivo "Chernigov" gives natural taste clean and perfect products: hops and malt, the best drinking water. Ekopivo "Chernigov" created on cleaner production


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