Cognac Hennessy V.S.O.P, 50 ml

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Tasting Notes


Cognac light amber color.


In cognac refined, harmonious, enveloping taste with delicate notes of honey and a slight licorice flavor. In the aftertaste noticeable notes of candied fruit and roasted almonds.


Cognac has a very delicate aroma with subtle notes of oak and spicy hints of cinnamon and cloves.


Cognac can be used both in pure form and ice, and is perfect for making cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Hennessy VSOP epitomizes elegance and perfection. The history of this brandy and the origin of its name is very unusual: in 1817, the House of Hennessy received an order for the production of brandy from the George IV - the reigning prince and future king of England. The order was: to make "old brandy spirit light color, exceptional quality," which translates into English as "a very superior old pale cognac eaux-de-vie". Hence the name Cognac VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale), speaking directly about its unique properties, and Slow. Mark VSOP instantly became popular and gained worldwide recognition.

Hennessy story begins in 1765, when the Irish Captain Richard Hennessy founded in France, on the banks of the River Charente, small cognac house. After 20 years, King Louis XV said about Cognac Hennessy as unbeatable. So it remains to this day. For the production of Hennessy are assembled dozens of cognac, the average age of exposure which is 20-30 years. Collection cognacs are produced from alcohols which are distilled for a hundred years or more. 40 In the basement Hennessey kept 250 thousand barrels of cognac, the quality of which is checked winemakers every year. Today, Hennessy cognac house annually produces 50 million bottles of cognac of the highest quality. Maurice Hennessy home runs, a direct descendant of Richard Hennessy.
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